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Would this not give all system users the ability to brick your phone? Under debian, I downloaded the recompiled version of adb linked above, no change dmesg shows: No luck using adb to get a shell on my phone. I saw your new udev-extras package. To post a comment you must log in.

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Android Device Inventory

I fixed that in upstream git: Stock G1s won’t be able to do this. I was trying to add suport for more Android devices but they said there was no good way to manage all the new devices and they were going to remove the support for specific devices. Or am I missing something entirely? I saw your new udev-extras package.

Martin Pitt pitti on It’s not available in Ubuntu yet; the bug will be marked Fix Released when it’s available it Lucid Actually the bug has been fixed just for the smartphone G1, but not for the rest. Please note that HTC makes many other USB devices as well, so the rules which apply a permission change based only on idVendor are not a general solution. A quick Google search indicates that 0bb4: Patches patch to set pda.


[HOWTO] connect Porteus to Android device – Porteus

I understand that the more reasonable solution requires each of the phones to be listed explicitly but in that it’d be better to change this bug’s title and instruct people to file separate bugs with the details about their phones. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Assigned to Scott per comment Changed in media-player-info Ubuntu: Actually, I think we can do better. Perla, the problem is probably not in your udev rule.

Per Scott’s recommendation, this is a HAL rule we need, not udev. I haven’t looked to see if his configuration was substantially different from the one I experimented with yet.

Android Device Inventory

Cyril Jaquier cyril-jaquier wrote on File system da 4,0 GB”, so I can use it to transfer files none usb connection with android -with android: Scott James 0b4b Canonical canonical-scott wrote on Based on the examples I see in the default rules, I think what is probably needed is: Marking back as Fix Released since the original rule is present – 0bh4 you’ve got the new rules in the udev package upstream and there’s been a release, feel free to open a new tracking bug requesting the update in case of required freeze exceptions, etc.


Comment on this change optional.

Duplicates of this bug Bug On Sat, Nov 14, at Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. I’m guess the media-player-info could be the easier place to manage all these devices. Maybe it’s a cross-platform issue. The hardware vendor id is different – this is a Motorola handset.

Scott James Remnant Canonical canonical-scott on An android-developers thread at http: Thread Deleted Email Thread.

OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Maybe someone with a better understanding of the udev rules could propose a fix. Email me about changes to this bug report.