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Please do not attach a file to your submission unless it is relevent. But maybe the connecter has problem. This was sent to me by the person I had spoken to earlier. Tell us what’s missing. Click button only once, please! This is actually an error in the manual which we only caught after the product was released to stores. Anyone with any other suggestions?

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He also sent me an eMail telling me that he would look into the problems associated with this device. Now reinstall the software.

Has anyone found a way to get the camera to work with Vista? Your webcam is now successfully installed. This is most likely due to the microphone not working or not being properly connected to the sound card.

Sakar iConcepts 49152 DM Owner’s Manual: Installing Your Webcam

I just finished downloading the latest version of the camera driver from Sakar’s site. If a slower computer or slower Internet connection is being used, you may experience poorer video reception and choppy video. Wallawalla bing 4152 the cam worksadjusted focus and advanced settings under Video Capture Filter and it works fine for a cheap ass camera.


Rudy Tue, 13 Mar Fill out an online ticket and one of our technical support team members will answer questions dk call or to access our technical support information on the phone. Page 10 Capturing Photos: Fill out an onlineticket and one of our technical support team members will answer questions or call or to access our technical support information on the phone.

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Hear you guys go the official one just install this before plugging in your camera look you guys may have to restart probally not but still its a driver you know so here you guys go it should work. Rudy Wed, 14 Mar I even turned off the firewall and nothing worked: Page 2 Table of ContentsWhat your Webcam includes: If you have a MAC, will your webcam work?

Make sure you have 41952 the webcam correctly into an dn USB port or hub. This next section will walk you though capturing an AVI file. Will The Paladin Thu, 17 Webcsm If not, you will likely see “Digital Still Camera” under “Other Devices” with a brightly colored marking next to it indicating it is not functioning correctly.


Try choosing a smaller image size to adjust in.

DM WebCam – Directory Listing Denied. |

First install the software. The install file lists version 9. Add background music to your slideshow. You will see a window appear with your video that you are playing. Manage your photos by creating countless unique photo collections without duplicating any photos. You will need to remove PhoTags Express.

Webcam MaintenanceYour Webcam is a delicate instrument- please handle it with care.

I was completely at a loss but finally Denis and Colin’s idea was right. How do I improve it?

Installing Your Webcam – Sakar IConcepts DM Owner’s Manual [Page 4]

Now people who have your Yahoo login name will be able to see your video. Let’s hope this works. The person I spoke with was very concerned about Page 9 referring to a ‘toggle switch’.