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This completely matches with Hard Disk Sentinel: Could be the one used for 64 bit OS vista, win7 or It looks like the issue is not a bug, but it is because the operating systems moved on since the driver for VT was made. With older drivers, yes, exactly as you can see, only partial and sometimes even incorrect status may be detected. I’ve suppose you are referring to 64bit version, right?

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Previously you did not send developer report. Thanks for your attention about this controller and OS combination. Personally I did not check under Win x64, but checked all possible versions under Win7x64, Win8x64 and Win10x64 I checked the driver from both 5.

That’s the reason I’ve attached report here! It has been required to run in console hdsentinel. I do not want to argue of course, instead arid on the real issue. Please, let me know how to configure HDS to be able to monitor raid1 array and also booth disks attached.

As shown in pictures attached, default has been installed version raud. Style designed by Artodia. I do not really think For the other drive the S. I’m trying to reproduce, examine with more details on similar configuration, similar controller and OS version, because this controller previously tested with other OSes, not Win R2 x64 you use.

RocketStor 6421VS – 4-Bay 6Gb/s SAS/SATA Rackmount Value RAID Solution

And coming back to our problem, I can confirm, following your steps I have the same like you, one zeroed report for one of raid disks. As I already said, as time exist a driver “claimed” to work for w2k bit version, we should give it a try.


I tried different driver versions both the 5.

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To be honest, I’m not surprised Of course I refer the 64 bit drivers – as 32 bit drivers do not install under 64 bit Windows at all.

The same, only one disk.

I did further testing and can confirm that things work with 32 raiv Windows and drivers: While we can see the identification information model ID, firmware version, features etc. Generally the problem is not only Win x64, but all 64 bit Windows OSes, as the controller would use the same driver on 64 bit OSes for example Win7, Win8.

Download VIA V-RAID Software Package – MajorGeeks

Please 6241 this page and locate the VIA specific driver package: But as you can see, the driver does not report the status – even to the VIA tool. Thank you for your time and for your efforts, you are doing here a very good job by creating this piece of software and offering quality support for it. The situation is same under Win10x64 which installs an even newer driver automatically.


This is true for other RAID controllers eg. Novices and experts alike, can quickly and easily configure, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot RAID configurations and individual storage devices, all from a single, unified software suite. Due to the driver version Hard Disk Sentinel do not attempt the detection if the driver may not support the functions properly. I will open a bug report on viatech. I’ve suppose you are referring to 64bit version, right?

VIA V-RAID Driver 6.10A

Also when saw viatech answer, an rais cross my mind: I’ve granted somehow access to internet in order that report to be sent. This way all drives with complete status appear in Hard Disk Sentinel because then it is possible to access their status technically they’d work as standalone drives on the RAID controller. For sure this thread will help other people too, that’s good it happen here and is public available.

raix With Windows Device Manager, it is possible to manually install the driver if we locate the controller and select the manual installation from a specific folder.