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However, the Intel and series werent designed to work with the Pentium 4 or Celeron 4 processors and didnt offer advanced 3D graphics. Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering Engine uses pipelines to overlap 2D and 3D operations, provides 8x data compression to improve the use of memory bandwidth, and features a multi-tier cache for 3D operations. The most interesting thing at the DFI booth was not displayed to the public, but shown only in a back room: I did some research and found out that an older version might be better than this version. The supports ECC error correction when parity-checked memory modules are used.

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While Extreme Graphics Architecture improves 3D rendering compared to Intels earlier integrated video chipsets, the and series chipsets, which had no 3D functions at all, its performance and features still lag behind even current mid-range video chipsets from nVidia and ATI.

Integrated graphics makes more sense and it will definitely drive the price lower for mobile laptops. Both use the same video memory sizing rules as the GL and GV models do when integrated video is used.

The Intel series might be the most versatile chipset family that Intel has ever developed. In addition, there have been developments in web plug-ins that displays 3D graphics on the web and applications like these may drive the need for better graphics performance.


Neither pricing nor a ship date were announced. Before the G, system integrators relied on the SiS solution for integrated graphics. Please motheboard back later.

If youre considering moving to a 3GHz or faster Pentium 4 processor or a new motherboard or system based on an series chipset, the issue of Hyper-Threading HT technology support is very important. The Trinity i is currently available in sample quantities. In this article, youll learn about the features of each member of the family and discover which of the chipsets might be the best choice in your next Pentium 4 or Celeron-based PC.

A running G-based motherboard. With the release of the Intel chipset, the first motherboards based upon the product have hit the market.

MSI 845G Max, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

This board has been reviewed by ExtremeTech. Comparing the Chipsets With seven different models to choose from, selecting the right series chipset can be tricky. The answer is obvious, integrated graphics. The Intel site for Hyper-Threading Technology is located at http: To be able to motherobard and utilize the HT Technology, you will need the following: Likewise, Jetway Information Co.

Like, windows take more time to open.

It offers an AGP 4x video slot, but has no onboard video. However, the ability to handle 3D graphics is almost always an added bonus. This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp.

EPoX 4G4A+ G motherboard (Page 1/7) :: Articles :: ®

Anandtechs review of the G and E chipsets http: Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. The most interesting thing at the DFI booth was not displayed to the public, but shown only in a back room: A hardware monitoring ASIC has been included for temperature monitoring. The features of the make for a solid system, but also indicate that the is a bit behind the cool technology curve.


Small form factor PCs to highly integrated boxes will be possible. I have been working with Ubuntu version Although the SiS solution was pretty good, not many are daring to place their bet on SiS.

The members of this family offer performance levels suitable for value, mainstream, and performance PC uses. Sign motherboadr using Email and Password.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Lubuntu has moved on for the better in v While integrated video reduces system costs up-front, most integrated chipsets leave users dangling when its time to improve performance because they dont offer an AGP 4x slot.

These chipsets also support Intels Extreme Graphics Architecture for improved 3D performance, discussed later in this motherboare.