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So it was not the driver version. It sure would have helped me a lot! It is important to note that the mentioned versions are the latest available drivers for my graphics card for Vista and Windows 7 respectively. It is recommended that you check your laptop manufacturers or graphics card vendors website for an updated graphics card driver before using DisplayLink software. The time now is

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If necessary, I would like to be able to make that decision before that period lapses. If so, I can just go ahead, keep and use my new USB monitor if it works without issues, knowing that there is no newer driver available.

It is important to note that the mentioned versions are the latest available drivers for my graphics card for Vista and Windows 7 respectively. I found out that Windows 7 has a built-in driver for the graphics card version 8.

Download AMD / ATI High Definition Graphics Driver

There is only a limited period left during which I can return my USB monitor for a refund about a week or so. Hello DisplayLink, I would very much appreciate a timely response to my questions.

I already assumed that was the case, but wanted to be sure, so that I will not be unpleasantly surprised when I migrate from Vista to Windows 7. I wanted to be sure that a planned upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 would not prohibit using the newly purchased 8.41 monitor.


Thanks in advance for your answer.

It sure would have 84.71 me a lot! These users may also be challenged by the same confusion as I was when installing the software. One can then better assess this warning and decide to go ahead or not. All times are GMT. The former warning out of date is only a generic warning. It wasn’t enabled on systems running Vista. When I wanted to post a question on this forum to find out what the issue could be i. But that is a different warning than stating that there may be compatibility issues! There is no fundamental issue with your graphics card – the warning is only to remind people to upgrade to the latest version.

Since there are no newer drivers available I can then put this warning into perspective and decide that if it works well, perhaps there is no issue at all. Find More Posts by pimjoosten. Is my assumption true that the warning that there may be compatibility issues is just triggered by an old driver and not by a known compatibility issue?

Is there another displaylink driver version I can use or a solution on the way? Compatibility warning in version 7. Hi, The message you are seeing was introduced in 7. I however want to point you to my suggestion in the last paragraph of my first post about the wording of the warning and the link in that warning.


Compatibility warning in version M0 – DisplayLink Forum

Please attach this file to this post. Best regards, Pim Joosten Attached Images. When I tried to install it, the Displaylink 7. I think a clearer wording and explanation will prevent confusion for users. Once I see this file I will be able to advise you how to fix this issue.

Find More Posts by vwongplay. This issue has cost me over a day of labor to come this far. The latter warning implies that some compatibility issues have been found which may affect running DisplayLink software with this driver. Last edited by pimjoosten; at How come I only get this warning on Windows 0.

and not on Vista? Find More Posts by 0.00. Newer driver versions are not applicable to this card, probably because my laptop 84.71 already 5 years old but still working well.