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New Product View Product Index. CI menu is not supported yet. Normal, as it is set by application. Add NTSC analog part support. Fix bandwith as 8MHz c. Known issue and limitation: I never had to rename anything.

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M/4-BDA – WireMasters is a Stocking Distributor

I’ve done that about 6 times Normal, as it is set by application. Bra you’re having problems installing these newer drivers, why dont you try some older drivers like the 1.

I have gbpvr set up with a Nova-T and working fine.

Fix bandwith as 8MHz c. With this utility, users may change the BDA default settings after driver installed.

Add NTSC analog part support. When I upgraded, all I did was select the ‘DTV Audio’ and ‘DTV Video’ bd one at a time, selecting ‘upgrade drivers’, selected ‘no, I’ll select what drivers to install’, ‘have disk’ then browse to the twinhan driver directory and select bd.


CI menu is not supported yet. This will create thread to check tuner lock status. If the signal is not locked, it will lock again. What am I missing?

Disable audio output when application close. I’d personally try removing and re-adding the drivers again.

Twinhan BDA Driver – PCI BT Series VPx/VPx/VPx/VP/VP

Add a complete CI sample program v 1. You might have to contact Twinhan about that one. Improve the performance for retrieving singal strength and quality.

Registry definitions are changed 2.

Fix multi-card issue in MCE. To enable this option, users should make sure if the location is set correctly.

New Product View Product Index. Normal, as it is set by application 1: Fix the analog video playback issue in v1.

M16878/4-BDA-92 | NEMA HP3 Type E

Sorry, I dont know. I end up with ‘twinhan PCI BDA tuner driver’ appearing twice in device manager with no indication as to whether it is audio or video. Fix bandwith as 7MHz 8: Please be sure to install Audio driver well before running MCE. Sample code is attached. Is there any way to fool the auto 88 that SP4 is installed?


Change inf and sys files folder. It now looks right in device manager, but graphedit only shows Twinhan under filters and not reciever component Support RC configuration for Twinhan’s remote controller, different mappings for various applications are supported.

Fix bandwith as 6MHz 7: Driver install, A USB: Registry definitions are changed DVB-T 2. Driver install, Mantis PCI: