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Yes, as long as the timing requirements are met. The A is generally a more cost-effective solution than most typical motor driver ICs. It happens, when you set operating current nearly to motor maximum capacity. Using a reasonably smaller value for Rs will dissipate less power in Rs and provide headroom. My problem is during stand still motor gets appreciateably hot.

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THS A Prototype PCB

This single device can replace two or more devices in many designs, thereby reducing system cost. Mail will not be published required. If stepperr voltage at the PFD input is greater than 0. November 15, at The A can be controlled using two control lines, where typical motor drivers can have as step;er as 6 to 8 control lines to achieve the same functionality.

Is the A a drop-in, or pin-for-pin replacement, for any other device?

July 24, at a977 Does it move at all, jitter back and forth, growl? Use again your voltmeter to adjust the voltage with the pfd pot. There are no phase-sequence tables, high-frequency control lines, or complex interfaces to program.

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Notify me when available. But I got all good joints and no bridges, as confirmed with the continuity tester. Q11 – Is the A a constant-current or constant-voltage controlled device?


Can you turn the motor shaft freely by hand, or is it held stationary? I could finish the work and blog on repurposing a battery-operated motion sensor coming soon for class, or work on my stepper controller. There is no application note about using external diodes for the A Related to source pull simulation for rectifier 1.

What happens if I reverse the polarity for a micro second of the pole I am leaving to get to the next pole of a stepper bipolar stepper? The following list is parallel to the datasheet’s “Functional Description” section and describes how this PCB provides for each requirement.

The controller is rated forsteps per second!!! This product is intended for the experienced electronics hobbyist. Q9 – What type of external components are required?

How to reduce the heat of A stepper driver?

Alternately, an external 5 volt supply can be connected to the “5V” pin and the LM omitted. What type of protection features does the A offer? When the next step occurs, the position will go to Full Step 3. How to upload a counter value to a website automatically 3.

Clear back in September ahemI laid out a breakout board for the A, to make sure I understood how to control it before building real control boards for the CNC machine.


The A, like many other current-controlled drivers, has each load motor coil in series with a sense resistor, to measure the current actually flowing through the coil. Dec 242: I called John on Friday evening and told him that I needed a pep talk: It may require some experimenting and modification to work with your particular setup.

When full-step mode is used, or if PFD is set to slow decay only, then use only the four Schottky diodes between the outputs and ground.

A3977: Microstepping DMOS Driver with Translator

The A offers full, half, quarter, and eighth step mode operations. Is it possible with A to keep only one phase ON in standstill position?

Q16 – Is the A capable of being used in portable applications? The other thing is that the maximum speed of the motor is directly related to the supply voltage. You can use a pic microcontroler pig 12f….