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Caution – Before deleting an array, back up the data to avoid permanently losing it. Windows Server However I think here Dell would be the proper contact for you. Hi Art, This forum is dedicated to Windows Server application compatibility and certification related issues. Windows Server 2. Did not attempt to use the built-in Adapted HostRaid due to the reasons you cited above. Do you still want to continue?

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A dialog box appears with the options Build, Clear and Quick Init. Initializing a disk drive that is part of an array might make the array unusable. Note – Failed drives are displayed in a different text color.

Storage Controllers – Citrix XenServer HCL

This is normal behavior. To Start Using the Select Utility. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

A description of each option is listed below. Select the array that you want to make bootable, and then press Ctrl-B. Sign in to vote. Post Rating 1 2 3 4 5. Disabling the BIOS allows another controller to act as a bootable device. You can use embedder disk utilities tool to perform low-level formatting, or to verify your disk drives.


Start an RKVM session, or connect a keyboard, mouse, and video device to the server module. A progress screen appears.

Server and Dell SC Adapted Embedded SATA RAID

Note – This feature is available only with disk drives that have an activity LED. Comments There are currently no comments, be the first to post one! Select the controller you want, then press Enter.

Remove From My Forums. When enabled, determines whether the controller verifies the accuracy of data transfer on embedder serial bus. Any changes you made take effect after the computer restarts.

Friday, March 21, 9: Do you still want to continue? From the Manage Arrays menu, do rair of the following:. Also, when the log is full, new events overwrite old events. Removable Media Devices Boot Support.

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If you chose Build, you are prompted to select the source drive. When disabledwrite cache is not used on the disk drive. We also have a forum to support the Hardware related issue for Windows Vista. Secure adapec performs three distinct writing passes to the disk drive being erased–it does not just write zeros. Embefded you have finished locating your disk drive, press any key to stop the blinking. Follow the onscreen instructions to modify the settings of the controller and connected disk drives, as required.


I am not sure whether this will be helpful for you but you may like to post your queries to the above forum. Formatting destroys all data on a disk drive.

Help us improve MSDN. For the most part, it worked, however there were problems with networking NIC drivers? E-mail Permalink Comments 0.