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The section contains the following subsections:. If not, which file do I use in single driver? I still need some help to be certain that I have the right driver. I’m hoping that that wasn’t the wrong thing to do. Follow the onscreen instructions to modify the settings of the controller and connected disk drives, as required.

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Adaptec – Adaptec SATA II RAID SA

To View the Event Log. Hello, I’m going round in hodtraid trying to install server on my proliant ml When you have finished locating your disk drive, press any key to stop the blinking. Disabling the BIOS allows another controller to act as a bootable device. I’ve looked all over the site and can’t find either details of what card I have installed or the drivers for it.

Note ocntroller the alarm is turned off disabledit automatically turns back on after a reboot.

Index of /pub/asustw/mb/socket775/PVL-D Series/Driver/Adaptec/HostRaid

It contains the following sections:. Cohtroller disabled, the array must be rebuilt manually. Select the controller you want, then press Enter. The revision number of the disk drive. The selected disk drive s cannot be used until the erase is complete.


I still need some help to be certain that I have the right driver.

I don’t know what version it is. Any changes you made take effect after the computer restarts.

When enabled, write cache is enabled on the disk drive. Adaptec controllers support single-drive volumes that can be used for drives that are not part of a RAID array.

Both options take less time than the secure erase option, but might not offer enough security for highly sensitive information.

Select the disk drive you want, then press Enter. If not, maybe you could tell me how to check. The default setting is Autowhich allows the SAS card to adjust the data transfer rate as required.

Again, any help much appreciated. This is normal behavior. Set to No disabled only if the controller is connected to a device that does not support CRC Checking. For more information, refer to your computer documentation. Some events are not stored indefinitely.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: Ultra bit HostRAID Drivers Ver. Download Detail

This setting is for SAS address conflict resolution only and must otherwise remain at its default value. The secure erase stops and the ACU returns to its main window. In answer to your second question, I downloaded the win2k3 ISO from a file sharing app. In a situation where you want each phy on a controller to be in a different SAS domain, this setting specifies a unique world-wide name for each phy. Many many thanks for any help.


When enabled, NCQ is enabled. Caution – Before deleting an array, back up the data to avoid permanently losing it.

Select Yes to exit, then press any key to restart your computer. Select Controller Configuration from the main Select contgoller menu and change the settings listed in the following table. Hi, Check the attached file. When enabledthis allows the controller to act as a bootable device.