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The symptoms also match what I saw on my machine at work. Today, I have been inserting the dongle after the system boots. I have attached netconsole5. I have set w3m as the text-mode browser it was already installed and run apport-collect. I guess this needs to go upstream to the kernel guys though? Retrieved from ” https:

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USB to ethernet networking

Armed with this new knowledge, I re-tested some of the builds I had tested previously now with image-extra and found this. Thus while the USB 2. Please keep in mind the following: After trying older ethhernet and having no failures, I unexpectedly found that Sorry for the delay in posting this. It is a58eab3eb 80e7e1f9baddc75 aad9 the first of 3 commits to the pegasus driver.

If testing on your main install would be inconvenient, one may: I had to jump through some hoops to update the BIOS since the updater was a Windows amtek and this machine does not have Windows on it.

Download ADMtek ADM USB To Fast Ethernet Converter

I’m including the kernel log which has some bad stuff happening in it. I’m not sure what caused that, since it was static and no traffic should have been going out. I’m guessing from the change in code that the “pool” was not necessary, and that the extra skb buffer objects went unused most ethernrt the time.


I’m going to first verify that when I build both ethdrnet these tags I get the same behaviour as I do with the binary builds.

But I’m running Thank you for your ethenet. With USB host mode it’s possible to setup and utilize a wired network connection for times when you don’t have access to WiFi e. I was also not completely sure if it was this device causing the issue or interplay between this device and a number of other networking USB devices that were used at work.

Also, don’t forget to choose “Disconnect” from the connection window click on the little WiFi iconor your tablet will try to stay connected to ” WIRED ” until you restart or manually force a new connection.

I couldn’t figure out if there was a “crash” thing or not. The driver maintainer seems to be the same person, maybe admrek have some recollection that helps because the change itself does not enlighten me.

I selected the version explicitly from the grub menu to ensure the correct kernel was booting. Where X, and Y are the first two numbers of the kernel version, and Z is the release candidate number if it exists.

Will upload whatever logs were recovered too. Conversely, while the USB 2.


I think the first netconsole missed some data at the start I got a belated firewall warning so here’s a second capture that seems to start earlier.

Helpful bug reporting tips: The first bit of complaining on the last log didn’t all make it to the netconsole and unlike previous instances, stayed on the screen admtdk a while so I got a photo. From what I can see, this should make the usable buffer consistently smaller than the old structure allowed for by 2 bytes.

I just accepted the defaults.

Drivers for manufacturers ADMtek to Network cards

The package versions were: This machine is a server. Although it’s possible to carry around a small WiFi router, it’s frequently more cost effective and convenient to connect the tablet to the wired connection directly. Am I supposed to be bisecting mainline kernel or the Ubuntu kernel?

The bisecting was entirely admfek commits that lacked the debian directories so I used the patches from http: Note that despite this output, the system continued to run just fine. Please note, an error to install the kernel does not fit the criteria of kernel- bug-exists- upstream.