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Many antivirus programs allow installation on three computers or three operating systems. This will cause the HL-Server service to rescan the network for Aladdin dongles. It is an awesome setup. I didn’t get any error, and it is still shown as SafeNet Inc. This is very easy and quickly completed. I also pointed the directory to hasphl so that the USB drivers can be installed manually.

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No ini file found C: You can get bardlock kind of game, software and mobile application free of cost. This behaviour is by design and expected.

Max no of attachments: English then click OK. If several versions of PIPE-PRO are to installed, skip the Hardlock Key driver installation after the first version is installed; although, it isb matter if it runs again. At the License Agreement screen, sign away your rights by clicking I agree then clicking Next.

Delete the old VDI file. Close the Aladdin Monitor.


Install the new VirtualBox upgrade and Extension Pack. New to this Portal? Leave a comment on gooaeo’s reply.

HASP & Hardlock Drivers

Click Next to start the installation of the Aladdin Monitor. This method is highly recommended for transmitting reports to others by attaching them to email. Launch Windows XP Explorer. At the Installation Type screen, select Service nhsrvice. Please ignore the stuff above, installing the drivers manually wasn’t addressing to the issue directly.

hardlock service refuses to start on Win7 x64 – Gemalto Sentinel Customer Discussions

The cursor can be moved by mouse movement or with the arrow keys. It is free on the following website. Find file name hldrv Select or change to the “Bridge Adapter”.

As an example, each has it own WordPad and text can be copied from one to the other. I would also like to know am I going to miss some important registry. I also pointed the directory to hasphl so that the USB drivers can be installed manually.


Leave a comment on Nonit Sahni’s reply. It isn’t hardloci more intuitive in Deutsch.

Click the image to see an enlargement. And you launch the installer from the monitoring component. Check “Increase Partition” to use the new larger size. To do this, perform the following steps.

Hardlock Support & Downloads

Expanding the server node will show all the Aladdin dongles connected to the server. Right-click on the HL-Server service and click Properties. Installing it as an application is utterly stupid and would require you to login to start the license service.

At the Welcome screen, click Next. PIPE-PRO uses a method whereby the cursor is lock into the menu commands and movement of the mouse moves from command to command.