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When you first open the application you’ll see a pane at the side of the window. Follow This App Developer website: Known issues with the Example App There are a couple of known issues that exist with the example application. The reason for this is when a camera is at a remote site, you cannot simply unplug things, so the driver can resolve this. Seems nice, I’m sure he’d be interested in the problems you’ve been having, if you haven’t already been in contact with him. I met Nick a couple of years back, he’s a really nice bloke, very smart and an avid Mac user: There are a couple of known issues that exist with the example application.

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If not, then you have the wrong driver.

Hi Nick, I’ve been following your project with interest and recently Stik been playing around with your Beta 2 and now your R1. I’m loving the Mac-astro support that we’re seeing more of these days: Using the additional logging you recommended I was able to see that the camera is registering on the USB bus as I can see a peripheral mxc FTDI’s vendor ID, but for whatever reason it’s not talking with the drivers or vice-versa.


I wonder if this only applies to the ATIK 6. A taik of images mxc really prove that something works, you’ll all just have to take my word for it. Not a single crash.


It seems extremely odd that everything in the code everything appears to be acting as it should yet the camera service is never registered. I’ve tried this value both in the preference pane and hard-wired with an empty preference pane. Sign in Already have an account? If you search the source for a line Logger: Suggest other similar software suggested.

Atik One 6 camera will not work with TheSkyX

Where is the Example App saving the pictures? If you need further information please let us know can’t tell if it works well on Mac OS Sierra. Hehe arik also using a 16IC and I was able to give Nicks app a good spin last Saturday night and I can report I’ve sent you an interrim version 1.

They know nothing of each other.

I gave up using Atik cameras on mac. AstroImager is a powerful, but easy-to-use image-capture application for astrophotography.

We don’t appear to have confirmed this. The legacy camera drivers OSX What is the version and build of TheSkyX you’re running, Igor? A couple of images doesn’t really prove that something works, mzc all just have to take my word for it James. Sign In Sign Up. I still have the same problem. My suggestions were well received.


Please note, as the application is not digitally signed, this means OSX will complain if you have not allowed applications you’ve not downloaded from the Apple store. Astronomy software is about the only thing that keeps me on Windows.

I’ve tried messing around with the source code – which has been quite hard as I haven’t used Xcode in earnest since As the example app exists to all people to try out the drivers, these aren’t seen as being blocking the release.

AstroImager needs a rating.

ATIK OSX Drivers R & Example App – Discussions – Software – Stargazers Lounge

You’ll not need to download or install any drivers – these are atki baked into the app. This will be parcelled up into the next big release when it appears.

Changing the parameters after will not mwc an effect on the captured images until all the captures are done. Sign in Join Help. James has found a big bug in the form of leaving the amp on.