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Just throw it out? That being said, for me, these installs were on hardware that I was essentially not using in the past year or so. So I’ created a patchstick last night, and I just powered off the ATV, plugged it in and powered on again, but nothing happened It just booted up as normal. That’s my main concern. BB code is On. The Broadcom Crystal HD PCI-e mini card can be installed and replace this wi-fi card, and can offload the processing needs for video content. You could try asking on their forums but my experience is with the XBMC launcher.

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I’ve found that this is easier than the option below.

ATV with Crystal HD clarification please | Firecore

Right, created and ran the patchstick for a second time – still nothing. How hard would it be to put the wireless card back in and attach the antennas?

This will make everything install 2 Alternatively, he set up something new today that allows the same package to be downloaded directly from the internet from the ‘Downloads’ section of your hacked atv gui. Yes, my password is: BTW, the password to your atv is ‘frontrow’ without the quotes.

Picture one is a film it “found” and added to my movie library. I have cryztalhd upgraded my ATV’s hard drive so opening things up is ok. That doesn’t generally lend itself to incredible grasp of the intricacies of software development and implementation. So why is it adding it in the first place? So I’ created a patchstick last night, and I just powered off the ATV, plugged it in and powered on again, but nothing happened It just booted up as normal.


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AVS Forum articles Contests. This will come in handy in the future. First, go heredownload the 1. Now, because this has been around for a long time, there are some idiosyncracies involved, depending on what atv OS it is, which version of atv you have, etc.

Note the filepath it’s the same, bar the last folder name of course, of all my other movies I have there So where is it getting these films from, and how do I stop it doing it when I want to add new content to the library? If all goes well you should have a new launcher crysttalhd entry on the ATV dash.

Because it’s pretty much the same procedure.

(old) ATV, Broadcom HD card, but not working…

How is it possible? Originally Posted by sdavilla Possible, the wizard is looking into this. I just want it to have no problem with any p stuff I throw at it, so I don’t need to re-encode in Handbrake all the time, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be having any problems A little more elbow grease than the atv version, but a lot less hackage.

crystaljd By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Alternatively you can use the web based media manager to change the media database.


Right, popped to the shops and got a SanDisk usb drive – ran the patchstick creator, plugged it in and connected the power and it’s worked!

I’m also missing a few other folders – I have XBMC launcher, but no boxee launcher, I don’t have a dropbear folder on it at all No, create an account now. What I’m intending atb doing is wiping the ATV back to standard and starting from scratch. crystalhx

They cost like 20 bucks total and can be added to your tool supply — and those screws can be a real PITA. But initially the Hide Movies was also greyed out and that is now changeable – not sure what I did to make it changeable, but I can’t seem to do the same for TV shows? I suggest asking on the XBMC forums for more help, could be some other problem e. Share This Page Tweet.

Apple TV 1 FAQ – Official Kodi Wiki

Hence my personal preference of a. As of right now, in order to harness the power of this little dynamo, you will need to use X-Box Media Center. Originally Posted by pmcd Now this is what would make my year I dont think Firecores CrystalHD installer is working properly.