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Good luck with your tinkering: While Navtech provides quarterly updates to its licensees, Destinator has not yet integrated any significant updates since it was first launched in You are not allowed to view links. Am having the devils own job getting the dll off rapidshare. Would changing the standard Destinator baud rate from port 1 to a higher baud rate help?

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Would you like to make this site your homepage? I never had siftware on original D7 installed. Register or Login to view. Info New Destinator 7 maps – Austech.

awa destinator maps

Updating Smart Navi B from 6. Hi there, hollowman, Yup, new destinator and new map running A OK The software industry exhibits a complex relation to IP, Intellectual Property. Unless I can find or someone else knows of a more perminate workaround very doubtfull without acctualy replacing the ROM chip with an unlocked version of windows.

Set the port and baudrate for the Voxson gps satellites were picked up. After much reading, it looks like the system is hard wired, windows CE resides in ROM, any changes are only temporary Stored in ram once power is removed all those wonderfull changes and hacks are all wiped out.


AWA-X100 GPS. Runs navigator. What version and how to upload POI’s?

Lasse HenzeEuropean Patent Attorney, describes two of the differences between Europe and the US when ddstinator comes to patenting software. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Originally published by IP Law Don’t show this to me again. As we are going to NZ, can we buy a card with NZ maps on and just insert it in the same way?

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I have a Voxson GPS ,and this works on mine. I’ve Just come up with a new, and quite serious issue. Here you go Gag.

AVA Software developed for textile, fashion, & print industries.

I have Destinator V9. Destinator performs poorly in NMEA so you wouldn’t be losing much Will give a road test in a day or so and compare to another unit running D7 side by side.


Am having the devils own job getting the dll off rapidshare. F rom this discussion thread at PocketPC Passion: Personally I think that the older versions V7 and V8 in variations are better. After setting up the shell. Good luck with your tinkering: By making use of their xoftware know-how and experience, our IP attorneys are able to offer a customised approach depending on the specific circumstances.

In the “user data” folder the folder “gpstmc” sets the port number,and baud rate For the Voxson the port is 7 Baud Rate is Threaded Mode Linear Mode destinator 9 configuration.

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Good question, if you get a SiRF based received see my website here under hardware for details than you could certainly. We use cookies at awa. We strongly suggest that if you like the software, buy it.