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Posted Thu 06 Sep 07 8: Buttonline, first run bcd control center as admin, second run Vdj as admin, and once you loose midicontrol rescan for midi devices in Vdj or switch the bcd off and on again, but do not disconnect and reconnect as this doesn’t seem to work Hope this helps you also, greetz Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 3: Akitsuna Home user Member since The thing is: If i use bcd like a soundcard on Winamp i have the same problem I think its a driver problem. I recently bought the Behringer Bcd it isn’t brand new.

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I have not tryed the yet – but most reports we’ve been getting about it are not favorable. I don’t know if It was very clear, any questions are welcome. Posted Mon 10 Sep 07 6: I have configured it ok with DJ Quintana help thanks boy and it’s running ok. If it is a cracked copy then no one can assure you that it will function correctly. Posted Mon 24 Sep 07 6: Once virtualdj has crashed, when you restart virtualdj, it works again for some minutes. But with vdj8 I can’t find how to access the bcd control panel.

In that case I might need to find one of these and probleme would be solved. Akitsuna Home user Member since The thing is: HP Compaq tc Procesor: I recently bought the Behringer Bcd it isn’t brand new. Ben Posted Wed 11 Jan 12 4: I think that it’s a problem with virtualdj midi mapping and i think this problem will be same with another hardware midi controllers.


A selection of popular hardware can be found on our hardware page: Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 5: Akitsuna Home user Member since Hello everyone!

Go to the config menu, select Mappers and check that your controller is shown. I think I’d be looking for a new controller.

When I was using Mixx the bcd control panel used to load automatically. Happy to help you but all cbd3000 of issues can be caused by using cracked software.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – bcd won’t work with virtualDj 7

Everything you need to do setup wise is in the VDJ user manual and Wiki so please take the time to read through and follow the detailed instructions. Akitsuna Home user Member since By the way, i just downloaded the home free version of vdj, and i got the same problem: You will find that many more people will come forward and be prepaired to help if you don’t run cracked software.

And guess what, launching Vdj and connecting the bcd caused bluescreen! Posted Thu 19 Mar 15 4: If so which version do I virutal, and where can I get it? As above, the BCD series are well known to be problematic. I would like to have answer from technicals to know what can we do I suppose it’s a bug, not virtuual compatibility problem, so i think you will be interested in repairing it.


Posted Thu 06 Sep 07 8: Regards Daz Posted Tue 19 Jul 11 8: It crashes, i have VirtualDJ good configured.

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What I did to get the bcd to work with win7 and Vdj was to launch the bcd control center as admin and after that launch Vdj as admin also. I believe this can be cured or reduced using the bcd control panel. Also I can even power off and power on the console and Vdj automatically recognizes and sets it up as supposed.

If the version you have borowed is an origonal registered copy then your friend is breaking the terms of his licence by allowing you to use it. Any help would be much appreciated, as my returns guarantee on the mixer will run out soon, and I need to decide whether it is worth me keeping.