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Provides an array of communication protocols including one RS, one CAN, two analog 4—20 mA current loops, and two 3A 50V interfaces allowing the control of high current loads. Your email address will not be published. Email Required, but never shown. I do not know which part I am handling wrong? To add your own cape or cape idea, use the Google Form for cape ideas. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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I traveled to Myanmar to teach a course on Embedded Linux, my specialty, to our client, Amber Star […]. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. About Us Privacy policy Terms of Use.

android – How to use RS on beaglebone black – Stack Overflow

The robot with the exception of its Roomba chassis is fully built from open-source OS hardware and software components. Being hackers, the team realized that they actually could use […].

To add your own cape or cape idea, use the Google Form for cape ideas. Your email address will not be published.

Beagkebone can only help with the hardware aspect: See What topics can I ask about here in the Help Center.


RS CAN CAPE BB Black Expansion CAPE, Features RS and CAN Interfaces

Artificial Intelligence Embedded free software. Case studies Contact Jobs. Select a distributor to buy Mouser.

The master takes the bus and writes a message e. Savoir-faire Linux and fsidokhine. At least 32 different devices may be connected to the same pair of wires in a network:. Paris European head office France T.: Several manufacturers make suitable chips.

Hundreds of cape designs are available in the community and now there is also a line of BeagleBoard. Sign up using Email beagleobne Password.

The time interval between the moment the last bit of the serial communication is completely written and the moment the bus is released is called the turnaround delay.

A Homemade Doorbell with a Cool Touchscreen.

Adding RS-485 support to the BeagleBone with short turnaround delay

Complete power interface for your BeagleBone. Email Required, but never shown. Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Loaded with innovative features and a comprehensive software library designed to effortlessly take your robotics concepts from design to reality. It turns out that some of our clients out there could be interested in having BeagleBones support the RS standard, as long as short turnaround delay is ensured.

Community Capes

Compare this to RS RS is also used as a vehicle bus in many aircraft cabins and as the physical layer of DMXthe protocol driving the lighting systems of virtually all music venues and theatres. Savoir-faire Linux is an exceptional team of more than free software experts based in Montreal, Quebec City, Paris and Rennes who respond efficiently and ingenuously to the constant evolution of information systems.


May 16th, — Savoir-faire Linux, a Canadian leader in Open Source technologies and Free Software, and Technologic Systems, an American embedded solutions company, are pleased to announce the completion of a one-year partnership agreement in order to provide mutual support on technological and marketing levels.

Now, some theory The half-duplex nature of RS means each device is either receiving or transmitting, but never at the same time.

Since RS is half-duplex, only one device at a time may write on the bus. In the light of the aforementioned constraints, we may already eliminate the following solutions: This is the official place for third parties to document their capes.