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Oct 30, 2. Oct 14, 8. Log in Become a member. Jul 31, 5. Not my pic but here is a close up on the clip switch 3. It was like going from nice grindy Strat to to “Mike Bloomfield LP” clean punch with a flick of the switch-just not expecting this, a nice feature to have! But this is Mad Driver who has definitely taken place on my pedalboard.

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Took a peek inside my Biyang OD Mad Driver | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Already in the out of the box, I fell ld-10 love with her look the green color is reminiscent of his famous elder which it is based. Did you find this review helpful? Once upon a time you were gonzo crazy for the Delta Labs OD.

Good value for money, the Chinese are very mae. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Chiogtr4xNov 2, I use Strats with DiMarzio stacked humbuckers, for the most part. Our members also liked: Log in or Sign up. Tubescreamer-clone overdrive with three voicings toggle switch. Oct 14, 3.


Review: Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Oct 15, I did not trace it but I suppose the LED is involved in “bright” mode, and perhaps symmetric clipping in “warm” mode and asymmetric clipping in o-d10 mode? There is a slight tonal difference but honestly it’s so slight, I have trouble telling most of the time. Anyway I like the grain of this pedal.

I like the Od-110 MAD driver. Do you already have an account? This picture is missing 3 capacitors, I don’t know what that is about.

But beware, it is an overdrive, not a distortion The Normal top and Warm bottom settings are very similar-I think there is a little less Bass and Treble cut od1-0 the Warm mode, so the “mid-hump” is just a little relaxed. When I first switched to Bright, I noticed how much louder this mode is than other 2 and also how it does not sound like the other two modes as biyanh and at first it was a “turn-off”.

Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver OD-10 Effect Pedal

Oct 14, 9. I like my one-knob MXR better. The pots are effective and properly sculpt the sound.


odd-10 It more or less does what a TS does but has more drive and options. The small switch provides three different tonal contours: Was surprised by a couple things.

But this is Mad Driver who has definitely taken place on my pedalboard. No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Oct 14, 7.

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I like the lack of controls, if it sounds good. I had an SRB which was great and was also a twist on the Landgraff. I had one of those on my board for a while. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.