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How far did you get with the install? The command is xgps. Originally Posted by funkyteacher. Just in case this comes in handy for anyone! The next step is to check you are getting useful GPS data out of the hardware. After rebooting, plug in the GPS dongle and it will autostart. Being a bit of a duffer as far as Windows is concerned, the installation instructions are obscure to say the least.

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Have plugged it in, but have to go get a new cooker as the old one blew up. If you are using it to set the time, you also need to restart the NTP service: The only cure in this case is to use a decent power supply and known working low power wired keyboards and mice, a cat 5 network connection and not a usb wifi dongle etc etc etc.

Jul UK Posts: Setting up a usb gps dongle Fri Jun 15, 7: Hope that helps someone! It also works on the inside window sill: I use this laptop rather than my GF’s because it is old and not too much of a loss if it gets stolen from the car.

Opening up the radio has allowed me to remove my old faulty dongle, I know it’s faulty because I plugged it into a p. We are documenting stuff here as we go.


We are interested in the basic operation of any GPS, Bluetooth or otherwise. In all case, the devices seems to work fine and is installed correctly but, there is simply no data coming out of it.

We are using this USB serial module as we had it lying around. The output from the gps device also provides heading data, so it could theoretically be used on a moving vehicle but practically it would not work, unless the vehicle was moving extremely slowly.

Have you tried the downloads from this page? I used “sudo dpkg-reconfigure gpsd” to reconfigure gpsd which modifies the configuration file.

Hi, Thanks for adaprer reply, but my laptop – an old Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook e doesn’t have Bluetooth. This dongle should without a doubt work properly in Linux, so I’m not sure what to tell you.

BlueNEXT BN01 Bluetooth USB Adapter V EDR | eBay

Everything seems A over T now. Uxb a bit of a duffer as far as Windows is concerned, the installation sub are obscure to say the least. The device installs correctly and is recognised fine. I’ve only just received my RPi and have yet to sort out all the peripherals needed to get it running, but hopefully I can pick up the pieces of this in the near future and make some progress.


Either to let you bluwnext how successful you have sorted the prob, or to ask more inane Qs. Just so I can move my PC 6ft across my front room! Azz, Thanks for the reply.

Raspberry Pi & GPS

Setting up a usb gps dongle Sun Jun 17, 6: Hi All, Any resolution on this issue? So, do I need to get a BT adapter to adqpter the dongle to work?

The issue we have is that we can see no data. Tried relocating it, tried renaming it, About to vluenext smashing my keyboard into the monitor cursing the name adatper Bill Gates! Hopefully that will arrive soon enough to try with the BNs – if NG, then I’ll be able to exchange it.

Truly BlueNext Stereo Adapter is a flawless and a must have iphone 3g accessory for everyone. I then brought up you through configuring gpsd.

I’ve checked permissions issues and I’m now stuck. Please note that ttyUSB0 is case sensitive.