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The printer’s IP address is printed on the test ticket. If it does, you should ask whoever supplied the driver for the interface the vendor, or the supplier of the OS you’re running on your machine whether it supports promiscuous mode with that network interface. Double-click Add Printer , and then click Next. Installing a packet sniffer program would greatly assist us in diagnosing this problem. However, the HP drivers have slightly different margin definitions and lack many of the features supported in the BOCA drivers – vendor defined page sizes, customer defined page sizes, etc.

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Windows – The most popular OS for your BOCA printer – BOCA Printers, Thermal Tickets & Wristbands

Cgl command permanently stores the Retransmit Timeout value in flash. Click Local printerclear the Automatically detect my printer check box, and then click Next. The MAC is used by hardware devices on the network to communicate with each other.

Email Required, but never shown. While we do not recommend installing the printer drivers if you intend to communicate bi-directionally, we have developed some ways of communicating bi-directionally while using drivers.


It is recommended that you use prnter same one we do so that the captured packet data can be analyzed here.

Sample Code

Click Next and then click Finish. Normally, network interfaces supply to the host only:. This command returns the Subnet Mask for the network in the form. If your Boca is connected via USB you can print on it via the supplied driver. We prinnter not recommend the use of this method.

Let us know how many packets are lost. Unidirectional LPD protocol data to printer port Click Next and wait for a bit.


Please refer to the following Microsoft Articles for possible solutions. In most cases you will select — LPT1 Recommended printer port. Please note that margins must be adjusted to avoid printing outside of the ticket boundaries.

You cannot print in landscape mode with a Word defined custom page size. You’re probably sending flash commands on every ticket. Is it losing boxa The value can range from seconds.

However, some network interfaces don’t support promiscuous mode, pritner some OSes might not allow interfaces to be put into promiscuous mode. Exceptions may be made by special request. Then it will wait 4s, then 8s, etc. Stop after a few seconds printdr make sure you see packets being captured or else you must select a different interface.


Ethereal will try to put the interface on which it’s capturing into promiscuous mode unless the “Capture packets in promiscuous printr option is turned off in the “Capture Options” dialog box, and Tethereal will try to put the interface on which it’s capturing into promiscuous mode unless the -p option was specified.

This command permanently changes the Subnet Mask for the network and stores it in flash.

Each item below must be completed with the indicated acknowledgement. The DNS name can be the name specified for the host in the Hosts file. ARP packets are often broadcast packets, which are sent to all switch ports.

The blinking cursor indicates the current setting selected. Enter the name you wish to call the printer in the Queue Name field. Go to next step either way.

Save the project under the ‘file’ tab. Sign up using Email and Password.