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See if I can find someone here in Norway to swap the antenna or card, for testing The accuracy of a Boltek detector is determined by many factors – placement of the detector, electromagnetic interference, distance from strokes, storm intensity, etc. For each electro-magnetic pulse that occurs i. To install less-than-official drivers, old unsigned drivers etc, I had to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows As you can see, the major stormcells are very well identified by Nexstorm. This is called the TRAC report. Please post the URL.

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Because StrikeStar uses a network of detectors, strokes which appear on CarterLake. There are numerous signatures in a waveform that can tell what type of stroke it was.

Boltek stormtracker PCI is being discontinued

It is a full-height old-style PCI bus, and it was getting harder to find replacement systems that had that bus–most have PCIe now, and the card was too tall to fit a ‘mini’ case. It is located in the very northwest corner of the house to minimize interference with electronics.

Truly unique to Nexstorm, this allows website visitors the ability to view our lightning data in real time. Please login or register. The StrikeStar data will be shown in the museum’s exhibit on weather and nowcasting. Real time data is also shared with the Museum of Science in Boston.

We can guess that you’ll have two or three pairs with balanced so you can’t view them simply on a ‘scope low frequency RF signals.

Which values, what kind of signals are sent in the ethernet cable? In this location, it can sense storms up to miles away.


To determine polarity positive or negative the software looks at the electric field at various points in the waveform. The museum attracts some 1. Apart from this, the detector will only record a signal when it detects an abrupt change in the electric field. What I would like to know, is pcii to test the antenna? Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Boltek stormtracker PCI is being discontinued. I ended up having to sell my Boltek PCI on ebay awhile back and I think a stlrmtracker here bought it and I’d love to get one again. I upgraded my weather computer and was bummed that the pci card didn’t fit.

The key factor in reducing interference is to mount the antenna well away from potential noise sources. This however is not very atormtracker because the signal strength of various strokes occuring at the same exact distance will vary a lot depending on released energy.

Initial distance is determined by looking at the signal strength.

Boltek Stormtracker PCI Lightning Detector

If I do get a LD, ill need to invest in a crap card to get another serial port since it seems almost all of these “modern” expansion cards for legacy or not commonly used interfaces are made as cheap and unreliably as possible.

Real time output from the US-based StrikeStar the World’s only large scale, community based lightning detection network is available on the Weather Underground website.

Its a total shame too. The applet updates every 60 seconds and allows the viewing of either 30 or 60 minutes of strikes at either or mile radius. This storm eventually moved into the Omaha area, producing much lightning activity. The antenna is typically mounted ten to twenty feet above the ground, away from large metal objects and sources of electrical noise such as televisions and computer monitors. So I just run lightning on the old computer while the new one runs all the other weather stuff.


StrikeStar has greatly improved precision compared to single sensor systems and its accuracy is comparable to that of the major commercial lightning detection networks for locating areas of thunderstorm activity. Now it Works again, stormtrackre six months.

The antenna is pvi sensitive to electro-magnetic interference. Stock is very low therefore we have removed it from the website.

The card is not produced any longer. To determine the pcu cloud to ground or cloud to cloudthe software looks at total waveform length, rise times to peak, peak to zero crossing times, etc. These are the same signals you can hear as static on an AM radio during a thunderstorm. NexStorm combines display, analysis, networking and interprocess communication functionality in a way that makes this software package the most versatile lightning display and analysis application available on the market.