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In the case of the modem PCB – 3 connectors [2] – 2 screws [3] Chapter 3 [3] [4] [1] [2] F [1] In the case of the capacitor PCB – 2 screws [3] [3] [2] [4] [3] F 9 Detach the cable guide [2] in the upward direction. Adf Special Standard-sized Paper: Numeric keypad key 2 Press the start key clean the unit transfer rollers by idling. Do not use them when attaching the cassette heater to the optional cassette. In the continuous copy mode, the target temperature is lowered in 5 deg C steps.

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I am trying to install a canon IR printer – Microsoft Community

Menu Switch Settings menu Schedule information transmission postConfiguration Once every 16 hours. F 3 Disconnect the connector [1], and then release the harness from the wire saddle [2]. These parts are supplied as service parts, not the standard items.

Collate And Rotate Mode Making A Copy When the input of the zero-signal failed continuously for three seconds while controlling the temperature adjustment.

I2202 machine is provided with the following sensors. Removing The Retry Sensor These operations are performed for each sheet to be picked. Controls drive of the carriage.


I am trying to install a canon IR2022 printer

Press numeric keypad key 9. This setting regulates the transfer bias to keep it from exceeding a predetermined level during printing. The error information includes the error occurrence time, error code, and i202 of the error.

License option function is implemented on all the main system of the products, which is shipped from the factory, but it would not activate unless input operation has been made through the license registration screen.

Data Initialization Mode clear Device serial number will indicate on “Serial Canom when pressing the counter confirmation key on the main machine. When the photoconductor drum rotates at a constant speed and the photoconductor is scanned with laser beams at a constant speed, a latent image is formed on the photoconductor drum.

If possible, schedule the replacement so that it coincides with a scheduled service visit. The serial communication error cannot cano recovered. Printer unit output image processing block Processes image data for output to the printer unit.

E-rds Communication Error Log List CL Registration clutch Drives the registration clutch. You can download the scanner driver for this model scanner from the Canon WEB site. Reader Controller Pcb H6 Cassette heater Prevents paper in the cassette from absorbing moisture.


SOLVED: How i do scanner in canon ir – Fixya

The system software programs are registered with the names listed below. NCU Do not change.

Table Of Contents We had this when using the printer via network cables. If the power is switched off, the indicated number will disappear and if the note of the number has not been taken, transmission of the license will be impossible.

Not used Unit If any operation error occurs after changing the setting value, change the setting value to the original one. Manual Feed Pickup Solenoid Cassette Paper Sensor Line Connection Identification Length Yes, No Address Book: