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Could you test the kernels at the URL below and confirm whether they work ok for you: A reboot broke things again. When the kdrandrtray icon is on the bottom right, the graphic crashes. Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on I’ve now got a Q system to test locally, and my isn’t this bug fun! Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday. Hans-Gerd van Schelve van-schelve wrote on

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The upstream patch needs a tiny bit of futzing to apply to the 2. In my case, for instance mode 0x49 x 85Hz doesn’t work.

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Bug attachments report-hw edit Xorg. When updating the cursor registers, this register should be written last in the sequence. See full activity log. Is this as simple as the cursor scribbling on memory it’s not meant to?

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I’ve also just noticed this. Please test proposed package.


Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on Hans-Gerd van Schelve van-schelve on But even in this case that should not provoke a crash of the graphics. I presume that I’m reading it incorrectly, since the cursor appears to update fine without doing that. Maybe this has been fixed during the last weeks? Does this also work when the cursor is in an area which will be “outside” the new resolution?

I’ve filled a new bug report here: This is now in Airlied’s drm-next caaptiva, commit http: Patches git commit for Lucid 2. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. Please add the boot option of “drm.

Moving this to the kernel. I’ll test whether fiddling with this cursor code makes a difference. I’ve now got a Q system to test locally, and my isn’t this bug fun!


My housemate told me that he has similar problems on his laptop so I assume that more people are suffering from this error. Free Shipping All orders of I will check with the Captiva monitor as soon as I get my hands on it again.


Torsten — the patch has now come back down from stable to v2. So, the problem manifests when the pointer is outside the framebuffer and gets touched.

Attached are two dmesg outputs, given with drm debug set to 4. Is there any chance that this bug will be fixed in the near future? I did not see any differences besides minor changes in detected cpu frequency, BogoMIPS and the order of some lines about hard disks and network interfaces. I’m tracking this down now.

Martin Pitt pitti wrote on Your Mobile number has been verified! This doesn’t surprise me. Wow, never would have suspected that. I have tested this again with a recent git snapshot of xfvideo-intel, but with a capitva monitor acer AL