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Make sure that your input is as loud as possible without clipping. I switched it over to wasapi drivers and now it too runs perfectly! You may select this as well, but you will NOT be able to record or play at bit with this selected. This option requires basic OS understanding. With the wasapi driver:

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I tended to put all audio drivers apart from asio into the one bucket. When the driver file has been located, hit “OK”. ASIO still has a potential edge because it’s written for a specific device, and can therefore be tailored to the hardware in a way that a generic driver like WASAPI cannot.

assio Audio that is recorded or played at bit is actually dealt with as bit data. You will be unable to hear audio CDs from the CardDeluxe. A good analogy would be if you took a series of pictures of the Grand Canyon in degrees. All else is in doubt, so this is the truth I cling to.

Please contact us if you have any other questions on this. Also, if you wish, “Tape type” will work as well, however, we noticed less delays when using Record enable type”.


Thanks everyone for your help and input! This should not cause any change in the audio signal or quality. Double-click on “System”, then click the “Device Manager” tab.

They are just different ways of talking to the card, so you use the one that is right. Digital Audio Labs WavSync feature ensures that when using multiple CardDeluxes, no audio will be lost when recording, or playback, on multiple inputs or outputs.

Carddeluxe Carddeluxe Wdm – Asio Audio Sound Card Driver Download Version

From this window, you can select whether the driver will handle left or right justified bit data. Your audio application may also be able to make this change within its preferences setup. After this update wizard finished, you will want to restart the computer. I have to say though, I have been running the wasapi driver for 12 hours today on both a windows 7 and a windows 10 system, and neither of them has missed a beat.

Platinum did not have that problem, either, and bouncing down these 4 count in clips to a single WAV also fixed it for X Other than that restriction, anything goes. If this doesn’t take care of the problem, contact us via email or phone.


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Go the ” Drivers ” section of the website and click on the latest driver for the CardDeluxe to start downloading that file. Zsio posted by darklordjames nadro – so if your card does KS or ASIO now, then i would highly recommend trying it out.

Wow, i cannot express my love of this card. I wil keep coming carddelxue for sure. Also coming out in the future is Universal Audio Architecture.

Wasapi vs asio drivers?

Originally posted by nadroj81 information or link on how to accomplish this. User Control Panel Log out. SYS and higher latencies or audio delays Sycraft Max Output Level: However, there will be axio slight performance decrease when this is the case. Free killer apps for your HTPC Because the interface manufacturer probably wrote the driver, you can count on it working with that interface.