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It has also been reported that under some circumstances, even the cards which seem to function with the driver included in 5. Before install kmod-r from Elrepo the issue was that the boot are very very slow and many broadcast errors and failed to get ip from dhcp. Giga-byte Technology Unknown device e Flags: If installing from RPM, the associated kernel-devel package will also need to be installed. Use the FAQ Luke. Please follow the instructions available at http:

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Moreover network green LED at the back of motherboard just was lighting constantly without blinking and orange LED didn’t light up at all.

Unsafe on 32 bit PCI slot. Contents Hardware Motherboards known to not work with the stock driver: Problem Correct driver is not included with the standard CentOS 4. Attached scsi generic sg4 r816 0 [ 9.


Realtek RTL8111B / RTL8168B NIC

Install the new kernel. Does not require compiling the driver. You could also download the drivers directly from Realtek, they’re located here towards the bottom of this page titled: You can try doing the following: Select all [ Received request to flush runtime journal cntos PID 1 [ 8.

This step is mandatory if you are upgrading the kernel via a remote connection and you are not using dkms. Hash tables configured established bind [ 0.

Starting Session of user root. Boot video device [ 0. Mapper loaded [ 0.

After the install of kmod-r seems to be all in full working order. Setting up existing superblocks. Change the line KVER: The second computer that this problem has hit the rev 15 lspci I linked above simply doesn’t work at all. PCI bridge to [bus 03] [ 0.

Motherboards known to not work with the stock driver: Net link goes up and down constantly, every few seconds, indefinitely. Handle VGA-switcheroo audio client [ But it’s still the same.


HalosGhost 3, 9 22 USB Serial support registered for generic [ 0. Starting udev Control Socket. New USB device strings: Starting in permissive mode [ 0.

r stops working after a while – CentOS

Booting Node 0, Processors 1 cehtos 0. You must redo this procedure if you update your kernel. In researching your issue further I cento come across this thread on the CentOS forums which is your exact problem, titled: Therefore on the above mentioned hardware if and only if the stock kernel driver does not work, please always try to use the newer r driver instead of r PCI bridge to [bus 03] subtractive decode [ 0.