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Multi-channel flexible microelectrode array MEA , heart injury and regeneration, zebrafish, neonatal mice. The role of cellular adaptation to mechanical forces in atherosclerosis. In corollary, histology further corroborated the site-specific injury currents Fig. On the other hand, signal transmission of the VGA card generates high frequency noises. The power supply transmission cord 1 includes at least two conductive wires 11 and 12 and a coupling terminal 13 on one end of the conductive wires 11 and After 3—7 days, the fish underwent MEA implantation.

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Flexible microelectrode arrays to interface epicardial electrical signals with intracardial calcium transients in zebrafish hearts. During electrical signal acquisition, the sedated fish implanted with the MEA was placed in a Ussb cage Fig.

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Unlike adult mammalian tissues, certain fish and amphibians maintain a regenerative capacity throughout adult life. The improved power supply transmission cord of claim 1wherein the power supply transmission cord includes at least the two conductive wires and at least one coupling terminal on one end of the conductive wires, the condenser being electrically bridged the conductive wires and the coupling terminal.

Porrello ER, et al. MEAs were micro-fabricated to enable biocompatible and flexible membranes that could be conformed to non-planar anatomical subjects.

Implantable MEAs were able to reveal the feasibility of assessing functional deficits underlying traumatic spinal injuries [ 2 ], and to stimulate photoreceptors underlying visual impairment [ 3 cingling. A pair of gold Au planar electrodes formed a transducer for measuring the ionic potential difference between working and reference points Fig. The MEA membrane was water-resistant Fig.


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The improved power supply transmission cord of claim 1wherein the power supply transmission cord has a double-layer connection terminal. Clamping element for through lead capacitors – is in form of spring metal strip in centre hole.

Abstract Understanding the regenerative capacity of small vertebrate models has provided new insights into the plasticity of injured myocardium. Ameri H, et al.

Microelectrode array MEA fabrication MEAs were micro-fabricated to enable biocompatible and flexible membranes that could be conformed to non-planar anatomical subjects.

Ventricular injury was induced by applying a liquid-nitrogen-chilled metal probe diameter 0. Atrial and ventricular ECG signals in adult zebrafish were akin to those of humans [ 16 ]. As such, the polymer-based multi-channel MEA membranes hold promises for translational medicine from assessing ECG in cardiac repair to monitoring electroencephalography EEG in seizure or brain injury.

Hsiai wrote the manuscript. To capture aberrant electric conduction signals without removing the fish from water or disturbing the neonatal mice from feeding, we designed wearable MEA membranes for long-term monitoring.

Accordingly, the appended claims are intended to cover all embodiments which do not depart from the spirit and scope of the invention.

The improved power supply transmission cord of claim 1wherein the condenser consists of an electrolytic condenser and a ceramic condenser. Narula J, et al. The micro-fabrication process is able to be integrated with CMOS technology for additional sensing modalities such as strain sensors for myocardiac contraction.

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Journal of cellular and molecular medicine. Our current approach is minimally invasive for the surface ECG acquisition.


Hahn C, Schwartz MA. A 2-mm-long horizontal incision was created at 0. The role of cellular adaptation chinglnig mechanical forces in atherosclerosis. Moreover, due to rapid growth of cabls games and computer games, demands for high-end VGA and high speed and large capacity HDD increase constantly, an improved power supply transmission cord is urgently needed to overcome the problem mentioned above. Currently, application of epoxy to the incision site of the fish promoted inflammatory responses, precluding further monitoring after day 3 Fig.

The combination of water-resistant and wearable properties of MEA further allows for real-time assessment of electrophysiological signals in response to pharmacologic or genetic modifications without disturbing the animals.

Conclusions The wearable MEA membranes provide electrophysiological insights into the aberrant conduction phenotypes of regenerating tissues, otherwise difficult with the micro-needle approach.

For future investigations, we propose to chigling the width of MEA at the incision sites and to develop an interlocking mechanism for securing the MEA without introducing stress to the animals. Four working electrodes were positioned to the caudal region of the MEA while the reference electrode was in the mid-section Fig.

Electrocardiogram signals to assess zebrafish heart regeneration: The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at Integr Biol Camb.