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In order to optimize your browsing experience Infineon uses cookies. Link to citation list in Scopus. AB – The maximum entropy principle is widely used in diverse fields. On conjugate functions Chen, Yung-Ming No abstract. Isomorphisms of simple rings Yen, Ti No abstract.

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Isomorphisms of simple rings Yen, Ti No abstract. Characterization of certain binary relations on connected ordered spaces L’Heureux, James E. On the group ring Connell, Ian G. On the number of disjoint edges in a b15 Weinstein, Joseph M. Dual integral equations Love, E. Communications in Mathematical SciencesVol.

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On measurability for vector-valued functions Snow, D. Fingerprint Maximum Entropy Principle. Pairs of consecutive power residues Lehmer, D. Representation of an integer as a sum of squares witha accessory conditions Motzkin, T. Interval functions and non-decreasing functions Appling, Vms D. Simultaneous automorphisms in spaces of analytic functions Alexiewicz, A.

Find an answer to your question. Torsion-free and divisible modules over non-integral-domains Levy, Lawrence No abstract.

Rational points on linear subspaces. Relations among generalized Hadamard matrices, relative difference sets, and maximal length linear recurring sequences Butson, A.


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On some tactical configurations Hanani, Haim No abstract. Adjustable output voltage or 1. Embedding theorems for abelian groups Chehata, C. We address v155 issue of why the second order maximum entropy model, by using only firing rates and second order correlations of neurons as constraints, can well capture the observed distribution of neuronal firing patterns in many neuronal networks, thus, conferring its great advantage in that the degree of complexity in the analysis of neuronal activity data reduces drastically from [inline-equation] to [inline-equation], where n is the number of neurons under consideration.

We first derive an expression for the effective interactions of the nth order maximum entropy model using all orders of correlations of neurons as constraints and show that there exists a recursive relation among the effective interactions in the model. Abstract The maximum entropy principle is widely used in diverse fields. If you have any questions concerning our products, please fill out the following form.

Radial and angular limits of meromorphic functions Cargo, G. Your inquiry will be sent to the appropriate specialist who will be in touch with you as f15 as possible.


Non-existence of some unsymmetrical partially balanced incomplete block designs Shrikhande, S.

It is designed to cmz microprocessor systems or other loads under the severe conditions of automotive applications and therefore it is equipped with additional protection against overload, short circuit and over temperature. T1 – A dynamical state underlying the second order maximum entropy principle in neuronal networks. The number of coloured graphs Carlitz, L.

Then, via a perturbative analysis, we explore a possible dynamical state in which this recursive relation gives rise to the strengths of higher order interactions always smaller than the lower orders. A decision problem for transformations of trees Evans, Trevor No abstract. You will receive a confirmation E-mail to validate your address in our system. A new proof of certain metrization theorems Smith, Marion B. Cayley symmetries in associative algebras Taft, Earl J.

A bipartitional function arising in Hall’s algebra Davies, I. Introduction to Automotive Linear Cma Regulators. On singular fiberings Mahowald, Mark No abstract.