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You can also specify a return value in order to move data around. Hope this helps some of you who were getting blank data results. Personally I prefer PDO or another abstraction library. Using the ttl in the file averaged better in every run. Only 3 new lines.. I’ll update this now. My personal problem with APC that it tends to break my code..

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Please note that if you are not getting any results back or a Null data set. But that’s impossible to tell because PHP has its own load management and serves every request by an arbitrary process.

caching – CodeIgniter APC Cache fails to GET – Stack Overflow

Flock operates on an open file handle opened by fopen and either locks a file for reading shared lock, everybody can read the file or writing exclusive apv, everybody waits till the writing is done and the lock is released. Just to clarify the multi-get capability, the result is returned as an array with cache keys as the array keys.

Here’s the Memcached class. Personally I prefer PDO or another abstraction library.

Its very good also on multiple servers. In the case where one of our cache files is being read, and in the same time being written by another process, you can get really unusual results. So I thought this is a good place to put a warning. This will save disk and CPU time. As the program is run after that, it would retrieve the values from the cache. Not too shabby I should think.


And by the way, APC now works for my code! Installing and running APC cache with CodeIgniter February 13, 3 Minute Read Codeigniter 2 now includes an excellent cache driver, which makes it dead easy to use any one of the great available cache librairies such as APC o memcached. I could track it with the getmypid function, which returned a different value upon every request, but only codegniter a limited set.

I updated the code in the article. Could you make an example code on how codeignitter use it? It can be really useful to have a really high TTL on your data and simply replace or delete the cache whenever there is an actual update.

CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

I’ll update this now. If an array is passed then each element is fetched and returned. This cache class is pretty straight-forward.

For more information on Redis, cldeigniter see http: The next problem is a little bit more complex. A good reason to prefix all your classes, is that they will never collide with other classnames if you need to include other code.


Caching in PHP using the filesystem, APC and Memcached

I call it via the browser: If files aren’t fast enough for you, and you have enough memory to spare. Again, thanks very much. Not sure if this would be faster, but logic suggests it would be. Email Required, but never shown.

Multiple Memcached servers can be specified in the memcached. It is amazing in web development All of the methods listed above can be accessed without passing a specific adapter to the driver loader as follows: Does that make sense?

Unlike caching from the Output Class, the driver file-based caching allows for pieces of view files to be cached. I have not seen this limit myself, but I’ll try it out.