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But the problem is I can’t configure the plugin because when I try to do it, it says I have to have a CD inserted, which I do. Neither one can use memory cards. Don’t forget to and leave them on the “patches” folder. I just came across a copy of Suikoden and the sound plugin will not work. To run a iso simply select the file menu and click run iso. Forums New posts Trending Search forums.

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guida e collection files sbi ps1

Atlantis segreti mondo perduto 3cd ita maybe protect. Tombi 2 — sces it protect. S GPU plugin, since your current plugin won’t help any much. I play all these games on console, they work ok. You might create various DT xdr drives, so I don’t see thta as a problem: Tomb Raider 2 — sles it maybe protect. Hi i am new i don’t get how to configure epsxe 1. Ppeops Square games also require the “update before accessing register” special fix for psops Eternal SPU plugin enabled.

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The need to make this emulator work is in the fact that it is a product of 18 years ago and that, unfortunately, if you want, it is very difficult to get a console working with the games that we want.


I thought this was a good place to post this since you, the great ammoQ! You can decide to register zlib1.

Your name or email address: Overblood 2 ITA protect: Also, I wanted to point out my main ponderances here: Search for it in this forum as that problem was answered a couple of times.

It is considered in most countries to be illegal to be in possession of such a file so we cannot post links to it here. Ok, we have lift off! You could use the mouse to carefully recenter the viewport over the game screen so that it’s not cut off anymore. Ive tested the bios and it works perfectly for both versions, no errors what so ever. Thanks for your time.


Thanks for the help. Tried both again with Tekken Continuando con la navigazione si accettano le condizioni.

This should be pretty self explanitory. Di seguito eccovi la lista dei files presenti.


Thanks to all for the help. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I got the Epsxe emulator i loaded a game in the cd rom, but some of the menus in the game flicker, change strange colors, our are missing.

ePSXe tutorial

Eternal SPU Plugin 1. This plugin should be the best all round for nearly any system.

I just deleted everything and started over, and know I got it to work perfectly. What about files “.


Another possible of what caused it. Darkstone PAL M5 is not my game but is maked of course with clonecd and works fine.

My workaround is to edit those things by hand, but is there a more elegant solution?