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I’m not the biggest fan of touch-sensitive controls, but they work surprisingly well on this player. After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart. The playback screen features lots of customizable info, as well as a graphical level meter. This clip is not guaranteed. More digital music player reviews:

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Review of HDD-player Cowon iAudio 6

All the other Iaudio products work great as far as I can tell. The skills and know-how of Johnny Piot lend a touch of sophistication which will make your Noreve case a much coveted and unique fashion accessory!

He is also a working trumpet player in and around New York City. I didn’t hear any hard drive whine, though, which is a big kaudio. Finally, the edges are taken up by various sockets — on the left is the headphones jack and the line in, both are classic 3.

This way our review unit Cowon iAydio 6 is one of the last representative of this kind. Once you find settings you like, you can save them as presets. Sound enhancement options include a handful of “JetEffect” presets, a five-band custom equalizer, BBE phase correction and general sound enhancerMach3Bass a reasonably effective bass boosterMP Enhance interpolates information lost during compressionand 3D Surround settings.

OS recognizes the player as a portable storage device thus for all manipulations with it standard tools are used. The player flaunts the trademark sound that comes from Telechips TCC77x platform thoroughly polished by the engineers, and also backed up by traditional sound processing systems with arrays of settings. That is, new trends should touch all the components, from radio module and battery to controllers and displays.


During last two decades almost all industries, especially electronics, have been greatly stimulated by aspiration for miniaturization of all devices.

A pigmented polymeric film protects the leather against discolouration. Become a fan of PCMag.

Broad audio format support. Everything is on the high level, panels are well-matched.

Cowon iAudio 6 4GB review: Our vintage range in nubuck suede-like leather. The back has a brushed-aluminum look, and the rest is silver and black plastic. Free delivery worldwide Secured payment.

First of all, you neither hear nor see it. I could hear system noise during the few seconds when tracks were loading while the screen reads “Wait”but this disappeared as soon as playback began. The rest of the player is so nice that it might be worth your trouble to master the controls. If you’re in Music, you’ll default to an improved music-browsing screen–thanks to the latest 1.

Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Cowon iAudio 6 – iAudio 7

Of course, having created a compact casing it is impossible to downsize a handset, notebook or audio player outright; you should always do it with diminutiveness of details which the device is made of in mind. The Cowon iAudio 6’s menu button is critical to navigation. You can listen to your desired artists and titles with sonic clarity as this Cowon MP4 includes clear and crisp sound quality.


In spite of being small in size in iudio it offers great performance: The main menu is displayed in an arch of diminutive thumbnails, upon item selection a large and well-animated icon appears beneath the arch.

While the capacity was lower than that of their full-size siblings, it was quite enough for music-minded application. Display and menu Keeping in mind the dimensions of iAudio 6 casing which are more then petty for HDD-players cowkn is difficult to expect the player to put up some outstanding performance on the graphical front. The JetAudio conversion software is easy to use and does an admirable job of crushing down videos and supports a wide variety of formats, converting them to MPEG-4 at by pixels using the XviD codec.

Review of MP3-player Cowon iAudio 6

Thus, several years ago the audio players market was split into two camps: Additional Product Features Storage Capacity. Overall, though I was often annoyed by the “Wait” screen after selecting or skipping tracks, the iAudio 6 grew on me over a few days, especially vowon I had some time to get used to the interface and controls. Also, the hard drive device is more likely to malfunction than a flash player.