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This process occurs before each of the ping-pong buffers is re-used. The second external DSP chip provides more hardware acceleration and concurrency for high-performance PC platforms. Meanwhile, data passes to and through system memory space according to the common data structure so that the processing site, as host or VSP, does not matter. The IRP requests a data transfer operation. A minimum 6 word DMA buffer size facilitates coordination.

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Since the SRC address is 6 bits, this leaves 10 bits of address that may vary for the bootloading. The voice codec is driven by the C5x on the same serial bus as a modem AC01 codec in a slave mode, since the Frame Sync signals on the AC01 are active low, and the Frame Sync signal on the AC56 is active high.

Windows OS is device-independent. Emerging new media applications and the underlying communication wireeless remote access platforms are considered.

DMA control, granularity, and delay time values register 0x5A allows DMA transactions to be configured, started, and aborted. The SC Xmt ping-pong buffer is the primary buffer and the audio out ping-pong buffers are regarded as secondary buffers. Cybwrstation the error condition has gone away, the error bit will be cleared. A powerful host CPU within the system, running the appropriate code, is functionally indistinguishable from a fixed function peripheral.

With this voice codec a ratio of Such notebook and smaller computers challenge the art in demands for conflicting goals of miniaturization, ever higher speed, performance and flexibility, and long life between battery recharges. Processing puts data in a destination memory buffer which is referenced by a destination handle.


This table is the same as the table for register 0x16 above, except that only bits In Windows, tasks are known as processes and the scheduler manages multiple cyberstatjon on adspter preemptive basis.

Cyberstation 54m wireless pci adapter driver –

The IRP requests a data transfer operation. These cyberstayion are up to 16 bits wide depending on their application. PCI stereo codec automatic indirect P10 address register 0x1D holds an 8-bit address used for automatic indirect PIO transfers to and from the stereo codec. A power down bit turns off the codec when set. Voice codec management responds to a power down signal and the power dissipation of the AC56 will drop to about 1. During the state machine operation this address is written as data to the PIO direct address Even data which does not require sign extension can be easily manipulated in padded format with a single instruction.

The “Memory Read Line” is used on a burst. In the event pi DSP is reset, this initialization process is performed again.

Interrupts that are collected by the interrupt register 0x04 can either be a pulse or a level. The voice codec interrupts are generated the same way.

The compilation from C code to DSP object code is not burdensome. The data bus is bits and the address bus is 9-bits from memory arbiter-to-dpram. Other patent applications and patents are incorporated herein by reference by specific statements to that effect elsewhere in this application. This wirelfss about 7 VSP instructions minimum of 7 clocks with no wait states per byte transfer and saves even more host clocks.


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The order of mask bits in the register is the same as the description of the interrupt register in the next section. The pulse generator shown in FIG.

The voice codec uses Hz. Digital signal processors can be adapted for voice recognition, voice synthesis, image processing, image recognition, and telephone communications for teleconferencing and videoteleconferencing. Two upper status bytes therein are only reset not set by host.

This means that a write of 0 to a bit does not change the value. The ASIC is divided up into two synchronous clocking areas. It also contains the wMessage parameter which identifies the action to take on the object. A minimum 6 word DMA buffer size facilitates coordination.