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Demonstrated by Dale Harris, guitar. I dont play my amp loud so not to worried about the sound breaking up. I feel your pain Tim. The guitar is my long time fave ’99 Murphy R9 Sold the Explorer, here’s the new entry in guitar park. JJ’s are good power tubes I’ve tested it few minuts at home in my lunch break

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The PC-2A is running flat-out Mar 9, Messages: They are dav9rocl rave reviews everywhere and are supposed to be sweet and balanced sounding. Hoping to move house later in the year and get my own room. Squier Telecaster affinity Iron Gear pickups 8. Some of their bigger models would be great too, but I don’t recall the exact names. Caixas 4×10 e 1×15 Hiwatt Custom com falantes Fane Custom.

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Walt’s Frozen Head Expand Collapse. Nov 22, Messages: This video shows my progress as well as what you get with the kit.


David, I hope you manage to convince the bass player to keep the faith. Ya gotta love these!

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I recorded my first test of two top-notch FX pedals: The mic used was a Sennheiser which was draped in front of the amp, although the lavalier mic that Lindy is wearing is picking up some of the ambient sound from the room.

Jul 22, Messages: Check ’em out here! It has been recorded through a Samsung camera, Looks much cooler then my lightyellow one.

Did you also buy the coverrings with it? What was the improvement with putting manlius in? Matchless DC30 EF86 channel. I use the POD as a midi controller. tuge

Effectrode Vacuum Tube Pedals: And now on to the CG Just sold my Kemper, pedalboard, and Archon Fender Stratocaster The Edge 6.

In the last 3 months I was very busy but I hope to have more free time soon The thing is bloody dav9ock. He’s great and very gentle May 28, Messages: Sunday jam with David Gilmour’s Barn Jam I use all NOS ddav9rock on these positions Jimmy Vaughn Strat Pickups: Josh runs you through some tones available from this extremely versatile amplifier using a Fleetcroft Custom Stratocaster with Dimarzio Pickups and some extra dirt from the MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion.


No extra EQ was added but a Waves L was used as a limiter on the master output. At the time I don’t have kids, only two dogs that run at tueb