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Our staff have been dealing with laptop screens for over ten years. Hi all, followed the guide and disassembled the screen. I performed a test of the LCD panel by holding the D button when booting up the computer it flashes some color screens supposedly from a chip on the panel and did not notice any issues with the screens although it did not display a white or black screen. Work your way around the edge until it unsnaps completely. I plugged in another VGA screen — works flawless. Any suggestions as to what do I do? I am trying to do this now.

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Dell XPS M Laptop Replacement Parts |

Slide the inverter to displau right side about millimeters, lift up the left side of the inverter and remove it from the bracket. Step 15 Lift the screen out of the LCD back assembly. When its working the screen will flicker and then the screen becomes blurry. If there is a problem with the external image, this might be video card failure.

Try reconnecting the cable on the new screen. Dell repair manual service precautions. There are no screws securing the display bezel.


Try replacing the cable. I replaced the inverter using your guide and it appears to have fixed the issue. Steven, I bought a new screen from laptops4less.

I can see the image faintly on the screen and quite clearly if I shine a light directly on it. Can you boot your laptop with an external monitor and uninstall the nVidia m153 in the device manager?

Dell XPS M1530 Parts

My screen is black and does nothing. Displaj I replaced the screen on my XPS m and it worked! Item is in GOOD condition. Step 2 Loosen the 2 communication door screws.

Unplug m153 LCD cable from the back of the screen and the inverter. Before you begin Please take the time read the following safety guidelines when working on static sensitive electrical components.

Another XPS M screen failure: Pulled from working laptop, cover and bezel in poor condition, the LCD has a small scratch, its not deep. I can still use my computer properly but it is rather annoying. Shop for Parts Dell Latitude Parts.

Dell XPS M LCD Screen Removal and Installation

Hair dryer idea works!!! Which one is causing the problem? When you replace a screen on a Dell laptop I would recommend to buy a new one with the diaplay board. Lift the power button cover starting at the back. Hey i just droped my dell on the ground and now have a destroyed screen, i was considering just scraping it but this looks simple enough, ive already had the screen replaced under warrenty but that ran out about 8months ago, im from new zeland and now i need to source a screen and keyboard as some of my keys have stoped working soo frustrating!


Step 14 Remove the 4 2. A laptop contains variety of LCD screens from different manufacturers. One question that really bothers me though: All I needed to sell was change out the inverter board, and it all worked again. Step 8 To remove the power button ribbon cable you will have to loosen the keyboard.

IML Tech i thank you for your kind responds. Step 5 Remove the 2 2. Dell repair manual service precautions. Do you think its the lcd or the inverter? Diplay 6 Turn the laptop over and open the display.