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Please consult the system documentation for instructions. See J17 and J The PERC 4 controller has a speaker that generates audible warnings when system errors occur. Unpack and remove the controller and inspect it for damage. Remove the system’s cover. The LEDs display in hexadecimal format so that you can determine the number and the corresponding execution state from the LEDs that display. Disconnect the system from any networks before installing the controller.

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SCRAM is present and properly configured.

Install one of the following operating systems: Remove the system’s cover. Press down gently but firmly to make sure that the controller is properly seated in the slot, as shown in Figure Internal high-density SCSI bus connector.

Firmware is either corrupt or BIOS disabled. The firmware takes several seconds to initialize. The SCSI bus pdrc an electrical transmission line and must be terminated properly to minimize reflections and losses. During this time the rai scans the SCSI channel. Table displays the PERC 4 array performance features. Table lists the target IDs.


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Table Hardware Architecture Features. Table Boot Block States. Table displays the PERC 4 hardware architecture features. The boot block contains the operating system loader and other basic information needed during startup. Continue to load firmware. Table describes the fault tolerance pperc of the PERC 4 controllers.

These controllers include a Disk Operating System DOS software configuration utility and drivers for the following operating systems:. Having contfoller jumper installed enables onboard SCSI termination.

Table describes the features offered by the utilities used for RAID management.

This maintains the integrity of controllr data on each drive, even if the drives have changed their target ID. CRC check on the firmware image successful. Dell OpenManage Array Manager is used to sell and manage a storage system that is connected to a server, while the server is active and continues to handle requests. Please consult the system documentation for instructions.

Termination should be set at each end of the SCSI cable s. Replace the system cover and reconnect the AC power cords. Connector for an optional battery pack. Variable for all logical drives: The audible warnings are listed in Troubleshooting.


If there is an error during startup, you can use the LED display to identify it. About to program ATU. Setup 8-bit Bus for access to Flash and 8 Bit devices successful. Turn power on to the host system. Turn off the system and remove the AC power cord.

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Set up the power supplies so that the SCSI devices are powered up at the same time as or before the host system. One pin internal high-density connector for SCSI devices. It works only delll you make one change at a time.