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The reflection handing is good. This tool will clearly show you the differences. Learn more about how we work. Dark scenes in a dark room. Customer Stories Customer Engagement. On the other hand, the Dell can handle reflections slightly better and this great if you place it in a room with many light sources behind you. General usage and while playing video games.

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The SDG has much better motion handling, thanks to a much faster refresh rate, faster response time, and optional black frame insertion feature. Bright objects, present on screen for a short s247dg.

On the other hand, the Asus PBQ offers a flicker-free backlight and this might attract those who are sensitive to flickering. Picture every detail in stunning clarity with QHD x resolution.

Convenient switching Changing between systems is now easier than ever. This is a typical issue with most TN monitors.

Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG

The wide range of connectivity ports lets you switch from PC gaming to your secondary gaming console without rearranging your cords. The picture quality of the Dell SDG is mediocre. Measured with local dimming and over SDR signal.


Maximum 40,’ 12, m. The monitor’s ability to reproduce HDR color spaces. The stand footprint is small and allows the monitor to be placed close to the wall if necessary. The menus have text next to the icon making it easy to know which menu item you are using.

The Dell SDG is decent for office use.

Dell SDG Review –

Our Real Scene was selected to represent a more regular movie condition. RoHS compliant, arsenic-free glass and mercury-free for the panel only. How much of the DCI-P3 colorspace a monitor can display at different luminosity levels, normalized to the monitor’s peak brightness output. Gsync and hz at 1ms response time. It also has better ergonomics that make it easy to position the monitor to your liking, whereas the AOC AGON has a larger screen size which makes it more comfortable to work on.

Also, the BFI feature will help clear the motion. The editor uses special characters aka. Image retention measured right after the static image exposure, without recovery time. General usage and while playing video games.

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For people sensitive to flickering. How much a static image is retained on a monitor screen after a certain amount of time. In addition to the enhanced refresh rate, this monitor also supports NVIDIA G-Sync technology to sync the frame rate of the display with that of compatible graphics cards.


All usages, but especially office and gaming use. When using your computer without headphones or a dedicated pair of speakers.

Premium visuals fit for a champion. See any errors on this page? The color temperature is a measure of the color of light.

Updated Jul 09, It has a TN panel with mediocre picture quality due to the poor native contrast ratio so blacks appear gray in a dark room, and the image also rapidly loses accuracy when viewed at an angle. It is made out eell plastic that is very glossy and reflective.

RGB colorspace a monitor can display at different luminosity levels. The luminance at which the pre-calibration reading was done.