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If you need to create a backup of your configuration, you can do so with the backup and restore functionality. Disables error correction for bps connections. The dash – denotes left justification. The Linux kernel is “monolithic”. See also System requirements:. Call forwarding no reply.

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The interfaces supported by Diva Media Boards are as follows:. Error messages generated at dial time are additionally written to syslog. D-R 02 01 01 During a call, the call characteristic may change and may require a switchover from the Diva softIP board to the Diva Media Board or vice versa. To start the test server at TTY number 10 and use protocol auto-detection, execute: The string can be partitioned into one, two, or three parts by using single quote characters ‘ in the command expression.

Dialogic Diva BRI (ISDN) Media Boards by Sangoma

Number of requested calls. State of time slots.

The Linux kernel is “monolithic”. For this reason, bgi-2 user should perform access in “exclusive” mode divactrl mantool -Exclusive -c -r. Every record in system log will receive a header that contains the logical board number, board name, and the board’s serial number.


Specifies the presentation bits [7: There are three allowable formats for the syntax of this command:.

Total amount of ports available in the system. Thus, 0x is set like the initial transmit ACCM. Based on the information from the management interface it is possible to clear calls that meet specific criteria, e. This process is hidden from the application and can be used for compatibility with divw that cannot provide the required TTY-interface initialization.

Sets the time in tenths of a second that a carrier must be present before the modem considers it valid. Equivalent to AT command: TTY profile to select protocol used to process current last call. This register is only implemented for compatibility reasons. This page allows you to view the last messages from the kernel ring buffer.

Force synchronous conversation RAS. Values less than 10 seconds are ignored. rbi-2

Force MNP error correction. Hide “total pages” information in fax message. Reserved for use by Dialogic. Use 20 sec timeout for management interface operation.


Number of frames sent. The dial-in server is built using the mgetty and pppd utilities. Invalid command, command was not accepted. The year as a decimal number including the century. Start the test server using the V.

Dialogic Diva System Release – Version (English) – Dialogic Voice Cards – Documentation

They are indicated to the application as V. Displays the current configuration, the last number that has been dialed last DIAL toand the calling party number of the last incoming call last RING from. If you want to create your own statistics, download the call history files in the call history viewer and apply your own spread-sheet application. Turns guard tone riva default.