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Here are my settings on Qjaclctl: I did some troubleshooting and have discovered that the problem is playback channel 1. You can use this with linux-firewire-utils https: This is with version I downloaded yesterday but I can try to remove that driver, pull latest and build it again. The OS is Ubuntu Studio.

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This patchset adds a functionality to receive it in userspace. In reply to this post by Takashi Sakamoto Is this driver still going? Module snd-digi00x not found.

Digidesign 002/003R/003R+ LINUX DRIVER!

DR but does not work Have an idea? Thank you so much. I entered what you wrote to install the kernel headers and dkms and it seemed to be going great and things were installing then I got the following: I am having slight crashes in Ardour, but I believe it is Ardour that is the problem and not the driver.

Try Debian or AVLinux. Do I pick one of the options in the big long list and does it matter which one? I linu see 2 channels for capture and playback. Damo, Thank you so much.


linux-audio-dev – Call for testing: new ALSA driver for Digi / family

Thanks a lot for your hard work! Hi Damo, thank you so much for your quick reply. May be I should wait to next release of ubuntu I have figured out the commands but I am no longer actively developing this driver further.

Somebody asked about using the Digi00x as a way to play computer sounds youtube, movies, etc. I am trying to use the Digi as a main playback device for my computer.

I have a oo2 rack, going to see what happens with linux daw vibes today: This is how I play my mp3 connection on my computer, in order to go through the Digi to reach my Solo 6BE monitors. Bad return status for module build on kernel: Apparently, there can be problems running both at the same time? If I send all the audio through Playback channel 2 in Ardour then the sound is crystal clear.

In short, when two or more devices are connected on the same IEEE bus, the driver may cause the issue or not. It is just too much work and no one is paying me to do it. I did some troubleshooting and have discovered that the problem is playback channel 1. You are the first person to try this out and it works!


When installing and testing, please follow this instructions: I have to copy drive code?

Here are my settings on Qjaclctl: Some errors in your commands, step 3 and 4: Again, playback channel 2 works great but when playback channel 1 is activated I get hiss and crackle in both ears.

And for the most part the Rack is working great. Error is not recoverable: You should explicitly select one to install.

I tried with the built-in Ricoh firewire port the small one too and neither did. I am a beginner here and I am very happy you have made this so I can enter the world of open source software with my music creation.