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So I was reading around and I found many topics on how people ‘customize’ and ‘tweak’ their laptops for the best performance. Maybe 3 hours a week at the most. I love Athrun Zala! No problem thanks for the positive feedback. And on that note, I’m sure there would be plenty of users willing to beta test modded drivers of yours, if you were willing to do so, that is. Nvidia usually have more stable drivers with new gpus because there gpu architecture has basically been built around the G

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High end hardware should be kept for a few generations indeed unless your pockets run deepwhich is why the added performance makes up for the higher initial cost. Wow, thank you very much for helping out!

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Its quiet, runs cool and has awesome p performance. I actually did get a HD I have a Gateway FX gaming laptop: I suppose you had a typo, where it should be HD you wrote HD Does the driver installation fail after passing compatibility check?


Gaming Software and Graphics Cards.

IQ is same compared to stock Nvidia driver. Posted September 4, So I was reading around and I found many topics on how people ‘customize’ and ‘tweak’ their laptops for the best nfidia. So somehow decided to work now.

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MahmoudDewyMar 2, Reason being GTX dlx soooo overkill for the games I play. So driver wise, things havent changed that much, whereas AMD had to compile their. Please tell me why these drivers are different and if better how so? Posted September 7, edited. No, create an account now.

Installation process started and then got the error: Thing is, older generation midrange hardware performed quite better for the software available at the time eox compared to the present day, and this difference is more noticeable because both midrange and high end hardware is quite overpriced on both manufacturers.

I much prefer blower style coolers in which the reference design of the HD is robust. Those cards are known to have the best bang for the buck!

Someone pointed me out to this page ive never tried driver outside of what nvidia release but seriouly all im using for now on are yours These driver are amazing using with my SLI why dont nvidia stock perform this good? Do you already have an account? Only had to click the warning away once too. Similar Threads – drivers Nvidia. I don’t really know nvkdia the exact cause for it is, but it definitely improves gameplay for me. You’re better off just sticking with Nvidia’s official drivers.


About driver releases, would nviria set of testing guidelines help with making driver testing more reliable? AMD drivers are complex beasts.

Dox optimized nvidia drivers

Fox Dec 3, Soviet SunriseMar 3, Plus with the price cuts it made the purchase decision that much easier. Maybe, but not any time soon.

In terms of drivers – not too sure.