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Ho realizzato lo schema indicato sostituendo l’Atmega 8 con Atmega 32, ed utilizzando al posto di un DS18b20 un DS Oscar did you solve your errors? Dove si viene definito il pin del micro come ingresso del ds18b20? To have an idea on how to manage multiple output you can take a look at the code of the dcmotor library 01 you can find here: Unluckly this library can it is developed for one sensor, but you can edit the code and make it running multiple sensors. The read and write byte functions of this libarry needs precise timing, Interrupt is disabled to prevent timing errors. Davide Gironi November 11, at 1:

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How to interface DS18B20 with AVR ATmega8

Davide Gironi January 9, at I put a not about this. Davide Gironi April 21, at 1: Davide Gironi April 21, at Take a look here: Oscar August 25, at 2: As soon as possible I will check this. Are qvr any other possible sources of the error? Davide Gironi November 18, at Davide Gironi April 28, at 9: Davide Gironi February 4, at 9: At first, try at 1Mhz, or 8Mhz.


megaAVR Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Example

Hello, this library implements the temperature avt, the OneWire library from the Arduino framework contains a search implementation if you need that. Hello, it’s due to the float representation on avrgcc. Davide Gironi February 26, at 7: It is interesting, many people reading weird values, or 85C or C might be affected by the same thing. I appreciate your job sir.

Unfortunately I don’t have a scope to check that. I’ve never check this library against negative temperature. Franco Prosdocimo September 15, at 6: Andrew I March 16, at 7: I see this is a common issue for the Arduino libs as well.

The version 02 it is not tested against negative temperatures too. Hello, I want to connect multiple sensors, and I have tried your code but it works only on one sensor, so can anyone help me please. Davide Gironi November 11, at 1: Davide Gironi August 24, at 8: Davide Gironi November 17, at Davide, I fixed the error.


I have found out the error in my code, it was showed to av by Philipp Klaus while browsing my blog.

Are you familiar with atmel studio? Hello, i’ve fixed the negative temperature reading problem. Oscar August 24, at 7: Bernie Cabero April 21, at 4: Unfortunately I do not have any other hardware to test it on.

I am using avr-gcc.