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Look at the label stock that is loaded, in the back of the printer. Then, turn your Lobo back on again. If you are still unable to get the cartridge in properly, please contact our support team for help. There may even be no printing ribbon loaded. Resize the text box to your preference. If this setting was already correct, and you are using a compatible ribbon, then click the Calibrate button to have Toro feed some of the label stock through and re-adjust its internal sensors.

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Other programs will still work, but only DuraSuite can properly take advantage of Extended Mode printing. Either there is no label stock loaded, or the printer is having trouble detecting the label stock.

You also get the automatic cutter standard on the SafetyPro, which will cut every label in a batch for you automatically! Turn off the printer, open the lid, and push the lever to raise the print head.

Format the text inside the box to any size and style, then position the box for the desired layout. Please contact your account manager to make sure that you duralabep getting the right supplies. Go to the Stock tab, and look at the Post-Print Action drop-down dduralabel.


Label Supply Spindle outlined 1a. The printer is not seeing that mark or gap — possibly, not even looking for it. You can watch a video of the loading process for clarification, if you’d like. If the problem returns, please contact our support team for help.

DuraLabel 4000 Compared

Remove any other rolls of label stock from the area of the printer. Simply restart the computer duralbel correct this. If needed, correct this selection, and click OK to save changes and close this window. The next option, Occurrenceshould be set to After Every Page.

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If the printer still does not respond, then continue to the next step. You should carefully compare the specs of the DL label printer before you buy!

Now that you have the desired label size, its time to add the text to it. Always wait at least 5 seconds before turning ON the power.

When printing with die-cut labels, the printer will feed one label each time duuralabel FEED key is pressed. Under Supply Calibrationmake sure that the selection matches the type of label stock in the printer:. The DuraLabel can handle single pages up to inches long, although large signs can take much longer to print.


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Often, this is the result of a battery problem. Click OK to apply those changes and close the window. Click on the Page Setup tab. Label Stop Plates 2 1c. Under Supply Calibrationmake sure that the selection matches the type of label stock in the printer: Toro Tape Guide Installation.

If you do not see the dBest Barcodes Toolbar, you need to run the toolbar as a macro.

How-to Print Banners with Echo. Print Carriage outlined 6.

DuraLabel , a discount printer that doesn’t save you money, locked

The Darkness setting may be too high. Make sure the printing ribbon is passing above the black plastic ribbon sensor, and not blocking it from view. Leave it blank for none. If this option is checked, un-check it.