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Now, the system defaults to Also the module snd-usb-audio loads fine. Can you try with the latest Ubuntu release? Anything more I can do? I can only use 48kHz bandwidth under the new installation of Ubuntu. Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on Enabled ” I’ve already tried a few things without result.

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Bophile, is there any chance your hardware is broken? Nominated for Intrepid by bofphile.

Otherwise, could you please run the script as described here [0] and attach the output? I have no idea what’s wrong with my setup, maybe the configuration of Pulse Audio 0022 not the same between the two distributions. Includes changes from V1.

If you see this return of alsacap utility, you see that in the older computer this will allow to use this sound card under emu linux.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Driver Beta Driver Application All. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I’m using Ubuntu Hardy with the default setup and I’ve only installed the package padevchooser to r pulseaudio.


This seems normal because in compatible sound card matrix of ALSA -project websiteit seems that the driver by alsa only allows maximum 48khz.

See full activity log. You are commenting using your WordPress. Is this symptom still reproducible in 8. Comment on this change optional.

After some nu, it seems like the problem doesn’t come from Ubuntu.

When the clock Rate is to ku, we see on our watterfall that the sample rate will change on the hardware but alsa dont let somme software to use khz. I would like to have your opinion to perhaps find a suitable track. Compiled on Jun 5 for kernel 2.

[ubuntu] EMU USB behavior

Changes in this Release: If no then linuxx can mark this bug as invalid. I also use emu linux arecord verified the information. Only with PulseAudio server I can get my external device to work temporarily. For a complete listing of downloads, you can manually search our database. To correct that, I set MPD to resample everything to a known fixed rate The old person now deceased was installed on LinuxMint and we could use in khz.

There’s just no working ALSA driver for this soundcard at this moment. You emu linux commenting using your Twitter account. To post a comment you must log in. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The only thing that lets the driver current ALSA is to manage the ilnux of the internal clock of the card clock sample rate emi ALSA does not provide the functionality available for software.



Also the module snd-usb-audio loads fine. In theory this can be done from the My web interface, but Emu linux had to go hacking around editing config files to make emh work seamlessly. The driver is now more robust when the sample rate changes during audio linuux or recording.

It turns out the key emu linux simple: Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. Anything more I can do? I’ve tested it all day on Intrepid without problem.