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Motherboard layouts vary significantly from board to board. Do you have a pic of the interfering bit? Removing the spreaders is not an option for me. Try mounting the heat sink in this orientation If you can do so with only gentel nudging of the caps. Okay, I realize this thread is not very old, but I’m really anxious to get this solved. I’m not interested in overvolting my RAM, but I would like to have it run at good timings. I tried mounting it the other direction and it is certainly not possible.

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The 9ndaa3 motherboards based on the nForce3 deviate a little from this ideology of performance with less money, and today in Israel, the motherboards of the company do not differ in their prices from rivals such as MSI and GigaByte.

After a couple of e-mail messages back and forth with a tech guy who obviously didn’t speak English as his primary language, I learned that all nForce 3 Ultra mobos must have memory epx DIMM 1 to boot.

Now I just need to find out if I must.

A better location, particularly for the pin ATX connector, would have been the upper right edge of the board. You know that they are Epox from the motherboard color, but it is not a color that is particularly attractive in an open-case design. Despite the company’s lack of innovation in the field of design, the company did not cease to resume user comfort and was the first to integrate 9nfa3 display system and reporting on POST epx.


Review: EPoX 9NDA3 S nForce3 Ultra – Mainboard –

I e-mailed Epox tech support, but you know that will take a while. My situation is resolved.

Thermalright’s site confirms this: Log in Don’t have an account? The direction show the heat pipe going on the other side.

EPoX 9NDA3 + • HWzone

The floppy connector is in a terrible location at the bottom right edge of the motherboard. Let me ask two questions that should be easy enough for people to answer: Mon Nov 08, 3: Assuming I’m up shit creek without a paddle, can anyone recommend me some good RAM that doesn’t have spreaders?

Since many users no longer even use a floppy drive, this may not matter, but if a floppy drive is still part of your build, this location will be a challenge in some cases.

I finally got the answer I expected.

Epox 9NDA3+: A New Socket 939

The company’s motherboards usually excel 9nsa3 very good performance relative to other fpox at the same price, and the company persists to give good performance at a decent price as well as good OC options and increased stability.

If you remove the spreaders your warranty is VOID. The IDE connectors are in the preferred right-edge location, but they are located on lower right instead of upper right.


I’m surprised no one has told me whether this is even common. Do the spreaders have anything to do with that? That row of caps would need a lot of bending, too much. I think I can do better. The only exception is the audio connectors, which are in a much more reasonable spot between the AGP and first PCI slot. Try HWzone in English. However, 9nra3 common “push to releas”” lever that works fine with most cards can be a real pain with very large top end cards like the nVidia Ultra.

We liked the facebook page of the zoon. GeForce RTX official branding leaked to network updated. Therefore, we should examine whether the new boards bearing the 9nd3a of the company will continue this tradition of excellence or whether EPoX was swallowed up by the multitude of 9nad3. Sun Nov 07, 4: Mon Nov 08, 1: Two additional SATA connectors are near the lower right edge of the board. BTW – I’ve tested the Corsair numerous times and it is flawless.

Do you have a pic of the interfering bit? Removing the spreaders is not an option for me.