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Plenty of computer power behind the scanner and the brain in front of it seems able enough most days. Hi, I did a test at home last year where I photographed a 6×7 transparency with my 5D2 and mm macro lens and compared it to a Coolscan scan of the same transparency. I also see that many reviewers write that if you ‘have’ to have a flat bed, 4×5 e. A friend of mine archived 50 years worth of family photos using a Coolscan with a feeder. If you are using and older version of Internet Explorer or another browser, select the option to run or save the file to the desktop, if available. What’s the point of shooting film if you can’t share the unique aesthetic qualities ie.

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The less often I have to feed it, the faster it can get to work doing its job.

I have been watching this and you can see the price is already out of my league and Reserve is not yet met. I definitely got my 70 dollars worth.

Epson v vs v What’s the big difference? | I Shoot Film | Flickr

Find a repair centre close. Flatbed scanners have no business scanning film period. Some people forget that. Epson Product Setup contains everything you need to v00/v750 your Epson product.


To that end, and rpson noted I feel the V is crap and not worth the money, Just my opinion of course, but if someone asked me I would certainly not recommend it to anyone. Thanks, and have a lovely day.

The first few weeks, as Colin said, have been pretty miserable, and there’s little to indicate that the situation is about to improve. Luke H 8 years ago. I’m inclined to disagree with you on the comparison you make.

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To check this see the relevant article from the sections below: For black and white work and for slides it is well worth a try. Well using the betterscanning holders and a little time I am able to get scans I like that I can have enlarged. Epson’s film holders are rubbish, so I imagine a V with upgraded, aftermarket film holders will outperform a stock V with Epson’s OE holders.

I have learnt a few things. It is important to ensure that you install Epson Scan first. I scan everything from,35mm, and 4×5. It seems to be a lot of hassle, plus I don’t even know where to get the fluid and acetate sheets here in the UK.

For more v700/g750 and for registration, please click here. It is a far better scanner than you give it credit for.

It was about the difference between two Epson models. There’s no such thing as perfection Luke. I agree that professional silver prints look amazing, but I think it’s kind of out there to assume simply throwing some RC paper into Dektol is going to be easier to get good results with as opposed to scanning.


I can’t seem to figure out what the big difference is between the two. Otherwise, your product may lack important functionality when networked. Edited by fanatical approval moderator 9 years ago. Mahfoo 8 years ago.

Oh and sorry for the collateral damage but it happened and I am glad you replaced the good stuff back epon the thread. Some of the options available to you will vary depending on your operating system e.

Edited by Karim M member 8 years ago. Whatever you chose just remember that it is you that will bring out the best in your scans. Return back to spson options for Epson Perfection V Photo. I assure you that I’ve made hundreds of 30″x40″ prints and some larger than that from files from my V Has been successfully added to your basket Continue shopping Go to checkout.