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For end user scenarios, it hooks up easily to hotplug utilities. So the two tools used are: To compile the library on Linux, the include have to reference the correct file agreeing even with the upper and lower case. Then, my goal is to fix the 13 files delay. For instance, in this program, DosPunts. Comment on Dec 12th, at 2:

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I already tried to invoke the flags you mentioned -mmcs51 and -xram-loc but it seems to have no effect. The xf2lp is constantly running. Instead of fixing the 3. The Firmware is assembled using a macro processor which allows to specify all required settings by a few macros.

Ez–usb updated onDaniel Clemente Laboreo. The driver API is written in Java and allows platform independent device drivers. The syntax used by asx the compiler found in sdcc is very different to the one from A51 the assembler compiler from Keil.

I just added a github repository. But I have a few problems with this. I recommend to study the source code of the free software projects like sdcc ; it’s a wonderful way of learning which it’s worth profiting. You connect it to a computer and transfer the programs, which can control the buttons, write on the LCD screen, or communicate with the computer or other devices.


But as I include the gpif. Comment on Dec 5th, at It should be something like: Comment on Aug 18th, at 8: I have changed in all files rz-usb like include “. I just ran the installer and everything seems to be working fine.

fxload(8) – Linux man page

For eeprom images, the hex2bix program that comes with the development kit can easily be ported to run on Linux by using linux time libraries instead of the windows files.

The necessary USB descriptors and the descriptor handling routines are generated automatically. On Windows, each program referenced the files in a different manner.

But it’s prepared to compile only with the environment and syntax of Keil using C51 and A Is there any simple debug strategy to check what is going on in the FX2? I will talk of them again.

Both comments and pings are currently ilnux. Martin Diehl has provided EZ-USB firmware implementing simple device protocols that are very useful when used with usbtest software from Linux-USB hosts, to help verify correct operation of the host and isolate bugs.


fxload(8): Firmware download to EZ-USB devices – Linux man page

A company called AnchorChips now owned by Cypress came out with an innovative and useful product a while ago: Comment on Dec 5th, at 1: I so, where is it located? I had an issue that I think relates the the endianness of sdcc vs keil. If I used sdcc on lInux, I needed to use my own programs on Linux.

Comment on Dec 15th, at 5: I plan on adding an example to that when I get a moment.

EZ USB on Linux

This software is still usable on 2. Fx2llp Dennis, Thanks for the nice post. Does anyone have any examples of code for the GPIF, or any suggestions on how to debug it? You just need to download the bulkloop example source and grab it from there. Comment on Dec 15th, at 3: