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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Register a new account. Bulge and Roll just help start the ball more right or left so the ball ends up curving back towards the center. I even sent this club back to Titelist for a shaft replacement under warranty due to some nicks etc and they did it. To offset the undesirable consequences as far as CG placement is concerned, Titleist moved from a titanium to a material for the crown of the Driver. He is the one who noticed the fake AP2’s and reported them to Titleist and ebay.

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Show me some pics of fake Titleist 910’s

Back to Deal or No Deal? Nothing looks out of place to me other than having the serial painted on, which could be because it’s a MFT. MOI is about maintaining ball titleisg and consequently distanceon those same less than perfect strikes. No Diamana shafts are like this. In the case of thethe face is actually organically tapered as you move away from the center. That said I went on a mission last week and found the five wood to be as long as my current three wood no surprise but now I was intrigued.

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I am glad to say after taking r3 advice the has begun to settle down for me. I love my SLDR.

David Smith 4 years ago. The SureFit CG adjustable weight adds technical substance to the new model, adding a feature that has not been seen on a mainstream Titleist driver before. Fake titleist d2 driver efficient, Samsung ml mono laser printer driver, Dell d sound driver.

Titleist 917 D2 D3 Driver Review

The one I believe Regis is skeptical about is the that tiitleist getting all the tour attention. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I can’t believe this happened, I’ve never had a Titleist driver break on me, I’ve owned a lot of them too.

I’m curious what bhp initially saw in your photo of the face.

How to spot a fake D3

The other big tell tail sign for me was it didn’t swing weight correctly at all for the stock D3. D2 driver serial number I m concerned i have brought a fake driver i have brought a D2 but it doesn t have a serial it came direct from Titleist.

There are examples on the internet that show reals and fakes side by side. Not trying to question the quality of Titleist or any other manufacturer. Hi Guys Good job getting a tech word out.


Titleist Driver Review – Golfalot

Def more excited to have a company trust that their product will be good enough to have on the shelves for two years. I agree defects can happen, at least it happened now instead of 6 months from now. The new hosel is the same as the andold shafts will fit. I went back to golfsmith the other day and hit the driver and three wood. I was looking into buying a D2 from someone and had him email me these pictures.

You may have titkeist that the SureFit CG weight chamber is angled across the sole and that is to equalise the effect across the face.

Automatically organizes fake titleist d2 driver photos in kodak s driver for mac right order. The D2 and D3 drivers are at retail now and most Titleist stockists. It feels good, looks good and with a Any fitters out there have an opinion?

It has the blue Diamona reg shaft. I just checked my and the magnet did NOT stick to it. Click on the bottom link.