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This is the instrument definition file for Cakewalk and Sonar users. Plug the midi out of the fantom into the midi in on your firestudio soundcard. Lay down a drum track by combining the internal drum sounds with loops, which can automatically sync to tempo via realtime timestretch. YouTube Channel This channel provides information of the Roland’s best quality electronic musical instruments. Please refer to “readme” documents for further details. Your unit will already have to be running Version 2. For the midi ports, choose the Firestudio’s midi in and out in the send and receive boxes.

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I work on Cubase froand it has a midi reset option panic. Soft Through is usefull when you are controlling more then one device thru a usn midi port. It is usefull because this way, you can play on more then 1 midi tracks, on the same output midi. The fantom freezes and the sound it was playing will distort and repeat a note over and over until the USB is removed or the fantom is powered off.

This update also resolves a timing issue within the sequencer.

Now it’s easy to bring in samples from your computer and use them in a sequence. Facebook Roland Fan Page. Please refer to the fantoj.

I tried what you suggested and it seems to work fnatom still show freezing and errors. Many of the instruments were recorded in world-class studios using multiple microphones and were mixed like music into samples by renowned studio engineer Dan Blessinger Martinsound – resulting in a level of quality unheard of before.


Plug the midi out of the fantom into the midi in on your firestudio soundcard. Muzic, again thanks for your guidence.

This booklet explains how. If you want to play only on fantom, without Protools, you must set the local ON again. Audio Tracks You can record vocals, guitars, or any other live playing alongside your sequenced tracks. When you’re ready to mix down, simply switch on the dedicated Mastering processor with multi-band compression for tight, punchy mixes.

Would you know if it is possible to remap the keyboard itself for certain instruments, I was able to map out the pads and the knobs, but I could not get any changes on the keyboard Keys? I have yet to even use any of the synth sounds because I don’t have a controller to use them with. It’s the perfect way to play the amazing new key split piano Patch, which can be instantly called up by pressing the Fantom-X Series’ dedicated Piano button.

With Skip Back Sampling, your ideas never get lost because the sampler is constantly recording every note you play – be it on the keyboard or Dynamic Pad Bank – while keeping the musical bars in tact.

Thanks, Ricky This message was edited 1 time. If anyone could walk me through setting this upIf it is possible, it would be much appreciated. Please refer to the readme. With much appreication, Ricky. This is the latest “Version 1” operating system for the Fantom-X. If such a terminating off gets lost you may see channel selection fail and the DAW jumping back to one channel, refusing to change selection.


This chip is Roland’s most powerful to date, and it not only makes it possible to play expressive 4-tone Patches with voice polyphony, but it also raises the Fantom-X Series’ waveform capacity to approximately 1GB when fully expanded – far more memory than any other musical instrument on the market.

If it’s on, the Fantom will sound as doubled.

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Is there a setting I’m missing? Also be aware that you may need to turn on the Midi send on the Fantom. Google [Bot] and 1 guest. With much appreication, Ricky No sweat.

Using A Fantom X8 as Midi Controller , Is it possible?

The Fantom-X Series is the flagship of the Roland workstation family, offering musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded, and voice performance. So My question is how would I hook up the keyboard so that it would transmit midi info.

Your unit will already fsntom to be running Version 2. This update resolves USB Storage related issues. You can also contact our Product Support department by phone or email.