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I took these photos at the full resolution setting, since the EXR modes don’t let you adjust the shutter speed. You can also lower the resolution to x still at 30 fps , but then the maximum file size goes down to 1GB, so your maxi um recording time there is 28 minutes I’m not following Fuji’s logic. You can instantly scroll through the images that you have taken, view thumbnails up to on the same screen! Shedding some light on the sources of noise. Then you should be able to decide whether the F70EXR’s photo quality meets your expectations! But the pictures are sharp and colors bright. While the built-in memory holds a decent amount of photos, you can see the benefits of buying a larger memory card.

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While I don’t see any noise here, if you inspect the edges closely you can see some artifacting, though I’m not sure if it’s from JPEG compression or noise reduction. Some reviewers have knocked the design claiming it is basic, not very stylish, or too much like the EXR Talk me out of sending back my Christmas present.

FujiFilm FinePix F70EXR (FinePix F75EXR)

Some features that I particularly love about this camera are: The Natural Fnepix mode forces the F70EXR to select a fast shutter speed in order to freeze subject movement more finepjx, whilst setting a fast ISO speed without firing the flash for more natural results. Unfortunately Fujifilm have chosen to cut costs and only supply the full manual as a PDF on a CD, rather than in printed format there’s just a short printed guide to the camera’s basic features.

I’ve already shown you that the F70 has less noise than other compact cameras at high ISOs. All 10 external controls are clearly labeled using industry-standard symbols and terminology.


There cinepix be sufficient distance between the subject and the background for this function to work properly.

The main reason I chose this camera is because of it’s promise to take good pictuers in low indoor lighting. Some features that I do not like f70er The table below summarizes the various modes and g70exr they performed:. There is a mode that allows you to take up to 12 frames at 4 fps, but only at 3 megapixel resolution. Other neat features include dual image stabilization, third generation Face Detection, a Portrait Enhancer mode, and sensitivity settings up to ISO The camera fits nicely in the hands and is comfortable to use even over long periods.

FinePix F70EXR / F75EXR (Discontinued Model) | Fujifilm Global

Its unique shooting modes and functions take the hassle out of getting the right exposure, letting the shooter concentrate finnepix getting the shot. Overall, it is a great camera for the price.

High Resolution Just as your eye sees the finest detail in bright conditions, Resolution Priority uses the full I was also interested in seeing if you could get the same result by just downsizing the high resolution image in Photoshop. Unfortunately, there camera doesn’t give you much in the line of information about the photos you’ve taken.

Everything above that is not worth using, especially the two highest sensitivities, as you can see. There’s also a Manual mode which lets you set both the shutter speed and the aperture, although again there’s only the same two aperture settings to choose from.

It is very easy to use and the pictures are superb. The EXR Auto Mode not only automatically recognizes the scene and selects the ideal shooting mode, but also switches the sensor to the perfect capture mode for the conditions.


In normal mode the images were well over-exposed with the whites entirely blown out. It’s not terribly attractive, and navigating the menus seems a bit clunky to me.

One mode captures the highest resolution possible, another the lowest noise, and the third the best dynamic range, with fknepix camera able to automatically choose the most suitable for the current scene if you’re at all unsure. Rated 4 out of 5 by Deb the designer from Good things come in small packages I am a photojournalist and a hobby photographer.

The start-up time from turning the Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR on to being ready to take a photo is quite quick at around 2 seconds, and it takes about finepiix.

Which Fuji X lens do you love the most? Depending on which shooting mode is selected, this lets you set various parameters including auto-focus, metering, continuous mode, image stabilisation, plus the Setup menu, which offers 23 options that you vinepix probably set once and then forget about.

If you have never used a digital camera before, finpix you’re upgrading from a more basic model, reading the comprehensive and fairly easy-to-follow manual before you start is a good idea.

The screen is large, bright and clear.

The only surprise that I had was when I lifted it out finepid the box, the camera was slightly heavier than I had expected. Takes twelve shots in a row while the shutter release button is pressed. On the other hand, the F70EXR is very responsive in the autofocus department. And those are only on a few selected modes.