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Does anyone know a way to test the performance difference between the two such as ipsec encryption speed or anything? It’s a great help for everybody, just remember to keep the formatting please. I’ve replaced the Celeron-M 1. So I won’t have a test system any more to work with this specific LCD. I’d prefer it say the same as it references the name of the LCD module that is being used in the fireboxes. Labporn Diagrams Tutorials News. On another platform, yes.

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You’ll need a Null Modem serial cable, etc. I tested another cpu from an old dell and it boots fully and works fine This one is connected to a cheap 16port table switch but I can’t remember the brand right now I’ll try to get back on that later tonight. Let me know if you’re still interested or not. Mine was working fine until one evening it started making a noise which I thought was the cpu fan had failed.

Anyway I haven’t had a chance to really use it yet, but I will let you know how it performs. Definately going to have to give this mod a try. How were you going to configure it to work? Not sure what happened to the first one though???


Kinda new to this. I recently installed a full version of this and fidebox also like to know if this was ever figured out. I issued “echo “hint.

Once this friebox, the llcd stops answering all network traffic, I can’t even ping it anymore. Only documentation I can find was a user thats tried 2 Pent M’s and mentions that any mhz Pent M should work and allow use of speedstep.

Are the x’s limited to any particular PIII’s or what ever i can throw at it? The Watchguard LCD controller supported in pfSense’s LCDproc module, so it’s pretty straight forward to just enable and pick information for the screen to cycle through. Copy and paste from shell so you can see exactly how I set it up to install I should really wrap a cool GUI around this so it can all be configured from the web console.

You also can play around with different encryptions as some are faster and firbox are slower. BarometerApr 5, Lastly, on lce whim I cracked open another Firebox model I have, an X Have you some idea? Please see the full rules page for details on the rules, but the jist of it is:.


Mar 2, 6. Also is there much of a difference between the 1. As I said, I’ll give you first dibs on it.

I was stunned at the result, and highly skeptical when I saw the delivery estimate date. This is the 2nd socket cpu I have purchased off ebay that doesn’t work wtf? Id love to be able to get a cheaper used model and then upgrade it. You made the right decision.


The reason I installed it like this is that I originally thought picking the ’embedded kernel’ during install also meant having a read only filesystem like on the embedded images. Also, when I soldered pins onto the OLED board as you can see there weren’t any on it, which was fine by me I didn’t add any for pins 15 and 16 which would have been for LCD backlight power.

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Successful Install on Watchguard Firebox X! | Netgate Forum

I will be offline for most of the day due to exam and work afterwards, but I will be home tonight. Boots up into pfSense just fine! I actually ordered it from gsmcentrum. Was there any ever progress with controlling the lcd with the buttons on the firebox and a charmap that was discussed in this thread?