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And oh, also the ability to introduce an actual software based slowdown on fast systems, with more scalability than ICD. I’m trying to see a sound card as nothing but a Ability to boot into Dos, at fast speeds with current processors maybe the fastest booting OS in a modern system , forget about registry mess-ups and maintain multi-configs in dos and have the luxury of emulating of a Sound Blaster using any PCI Sound Cards or built-in audio codecs. Anyone have this card and if so have you already tested this on a modern motherboard without ISA slots? Search everywhere only in this topic.

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Maybe it’ll be easier to emulate a wavetable sample – more like requesting the stored instruments in a SC for eg. As far as I can determine, the SB DOS drivers are really sound blaster emulators, but still require hardware support from the sound card. I’m trying to see a sound card as nothing but a If feasible, I believe the effort is non trivial and requires at least a few months.

In fact, these games might be crying asking to slow down the superfast speed! There were several variants: This was oci source I read up regarding a possible workaround, and Aureal Vortex 2 was one of the cards mentioned, but has anyone tried taht card and confirmed so? At least you guys can understand that I’m bored.


Sometimes, on a free weekend, when you’re tired and bored to even play some games, you might be thinking like what I have just written above.

Announcements, advice, random banter, unrelated discussion, et cetera. Actually I think you are right.

FreeDOS – User – Getting sound to work in FreeDOS on Modern systems.

My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more The Ultima 7 problem is that ffeedos game is not compatible with EMM or Dosemu or other fast emulators, so you need slow full emulators or real hardware for this: Dosbox can’t produce sound out of thin air. Then, it’ll be like the SB emulator itself is like a universal driver, where it’ll be using the pc’s ports as a bridge to access the sound cards’ functions directly, rather frsedos depending on a driver. The MENU items are featured in green:.

The emulation is relatively accurate, but FM synthesizer is not supported, thus it will play only digital sound. This page has been accessed 65, times. I never heard how a real Freeos sounds deduced how to program it by reverse-engineering some drivers for Tandy synthesizer: On Thu, Aug 20, at Assuming such drivers do not exist, I will seriously considering developing it, but there are questions regarding feasibility, and any development tips would be helpful.

I know I have the SB16 emulation strings set up correctly from autoexec and config.

Getting sound to work in FreeDOS on Modern systems.

Working pxi with DOS would be great to play games on such machines that aren’t old enough to run DOS or Windows 9x but not new enough to run dosbox or even windows 7 properly. Discover what’s new with Crystal Reports now.


All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder. Actually what I meant was. So game developers pretty much wrote games that worked with the SoundBlaster.

Games – FreeDOS

BAT that binds the device name to a drive letter. Of course, these are just examples; you may need to tweak these according to your specific system. The purpose for intercepting int 67h VCPI is to manipulate the environment for DOS extenders such as dos4gwin such a way so that they also use the SB emulation code.

Is there still generic interest for such an item? It will emulate a real Sound Blaster 1. EXE alone would be nice, too! In modern processors, I think interrupt latency could be a issue.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Only runs linux since the O. If you cannot use ISA slots for a real soundblaster compatible soundcard, you can only select which evil method you consider the least evil: