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Particularly compact, appealing design, wears well on a lanyard around your neck Waterproof to ten feet three meters Very little geometric distortion, across the zoom range Fast shutter response, particularly at wide angle and when prefocused Reasonably fast flash recycle Excellent macro performance but with soft corners , flash throttles down reasonably well. If a small form factor is an important quality for you, then the Z33WP has a notable advantage over bulkier waterproof cameras. As usual, image quality degraded as the ISO increased, but we felt that images from the Z33WP did so a bit faster than those of some of its competition. Be sure to use two hands to avoid dropping the Fujifilm Z33WP. Turning the flash off and relying on higher ISO sensitivity produced some fairly noisy photos, so the low light performance is a bit of a Catch Fujifilm develops FinePix Z33 waterproof camera.

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Pay attention and it works just fine.

Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: Chromatic aberration at wide-angle and telephoto is high, with bright pixels on either side of the target lines. When it comes to choosing between the two cameras, the Fuji Fhji wins on style and shutter response, but the Olympus WP wins on optical and image quality.

Without optical or mechanical image stabilization, the slightest bit of camera shake will produce some blurring in photos.

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP Specs – CNET

It’s just not pretty no matter how you look at it, and the largest recommended print size is 8x Assuming they take good quality zz33wp, a waterproof camera is a nice option to take along on vacations or day trips. I tested the Z33WP in underwater mode and came up with some interesting yet flawed images.


Black In stock Usually ships in business days. For fashion, though, sacrifices must be made. Against Not shockproof or fiji Waterproof for 2 hours only Slow operation. Even its Manual mode only allows you to change ISO, exposure compensation, and white balance. Fyji show this again. Optical and image quality are lacking. Personally, I preferred using the Shade WB setting for sunny conditions and during the hours of warm light before sunset.

As fast as Record mode is, it’s surprising just how slow Playback mode is. A large silver circle surrounds the smallish lens and cover glass, which seems to stretch the smooth skin around it to conform to its shape.

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP

Minute pincushion distortion; hardly noticeable. New observations and question.

duji In low-light situations it takes 1. The Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP’s Macro mode captures fairly sharp details at the center of the frame, with very strong softening radiating from the corners.

FinePix Z33WP (Discontinued Model) | Fujifilm Global

The Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP’s wide-angle and telephoto lens settings produced extremely soft corners, with blurring extending quite far into the frame. If a small form factor is an important quality for you, then the Z33WP has a notable advantage over bulkier waterproof cameras. Menus and Modes The main shooting menu is straightforward, with options for ISO adjustment and exposure compensation positioned toward the top for quick access.


As far as shooting options go, the Z33WP is fairly lean, as it’s designed for simple snapshot photography. I also had a difficult time finding the right adjustment for white z33p while shooting with the Z33WP. Alpha a7S III – will it kill off the competition? Are you happy with what you have, or not?

Some chromatic aberration is noticeable on the printed details of the dollar bill. Our studio test of the Auto White Balance function produced a slightly warm image, as we expected. Just above or next to the Fujifilm logo, a small lip rises subtly and usefully. Detail deteriorates from there, as noise levels z33wp to increase.

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP Review

The Shade setting seemed to produce more accurate colors, though highlights were a bit overexposed in these images. As we said above, the Z33WP should really be considered a camera for making 4×6 inch snapshot prints or web photos.

The camera struggles in difficult lighting conditions, and finding the right balance in shooting settings is sometimes tricky. Shot-to-shot times without using the flash average 3. Captures two images in succession, one with flash and one with natural light.