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Although some of the information in this guide can be applied to power management for servers, it is not the intention of this document to go that route. Typical ACPI events are closing the lid, changing the power source or pressing the sleep button. This page contains changes which are not marked for translation. Which one to choose? As power saving most of the time comes along with performance loss or increased latency, it should only be enabled when running on batteries. The Prerequisites chapter talks about some requirements that should be met before any of the following device individual sections will work.

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As this depends heavily on your windowmanager, I’ll let you figure it out yourself. Power Management for other devices 7.

Power management/Guide – Gentoo Wiki

While some sections might also suite for serversothers do not and may even cause harm. Build and install the new kernel if necessary and reboot. In this case, the userspaceondemandand conservative governors are unnecessary. The last thing to check is that your new policies do a good job.

Sat Dec 13, 7: All times are GMT. In recent years, power management has become one of the differentiating features in the quest for finding the perfect laptop. Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. This article describes the setup of power management for processors.


Power Management Guide

This means I can set the governor to ondemand or even boot with it but as soon as I try to change it to something else, the system freezes. Last not least Troubleshooting lists common pitfalls. Increasing battery run time doesn’t necessarily mean buying another battery. The following table gives a quick overview to help you decide on one of them. Unfortunately, it is “normal” that in the moment when a developer loses interest in a package e. Make sure to stop laptop-mode before your battery runs out of power and data gets written to disk – otherwise you will at least lose the last 10 minutes of your work.

When cpufreqd has been configured, it is time to start it and make sure the service is loaded automatically.

This allows the software to poll the Linux kernel Power Supply interface, getting more detailed information on battery charge. Altough sleep state support cpufgeq improving much, it’s still rather experimental. Which one to choose? Something that works and has no known security issues. It comes to no surprise that installation of the Laptop mode tools software is easily done via:. If you have no idea about it, first try speedfreq:.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – [SOLVED] CPU frequency scaling on Pentium M (Dothan)

gentooo This makes sure it doesn’t interfere with your policies. The latter gives me standby mem disk. When it is run, it sorts the running processes in order of how often they cause the processor to wake up.


The following will save more energy than the default one – at the cost of less performance, of course.

I do “emerge-webrsync” and “emerge –sync” during every install, which is probably why it isn’t masked for the rest of you. Event driven runlevel switching with acpid.

I was voting once to keep such tarballs on mirrors anyway, but the request was rejected. Please be careful when applying this on a non-laptop system.

Gentoo is always seriously understuffed. Tue Feb 20, 6: Care about the package in a local overlay you can also make it public if you want to serve the Gentoo community ; if upstream still exists, you can just start with the latest ebuild which was in portage if you missed it, you can gwntoo fetch it from CVS [or git in some future].